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Le Creuset Palm Green Cookware

Color has an amazing effect on your kitchen or dining room. Besides putting a smile on your face, different tones add a specific ambience to the space. It might be bold and exciting, or laidback and positive. At Williams-Sonoma, we want you to have total creative control over every aspect of your kitchen. That way cooking is something you look forward to, where everything just falls into place exactly the way you like it. In addition to decor and paint colors, cookware, serving pieces and place settings are great ways to add beautiful hues to a room. What can our Le Creuset palm green cookware do for your kitchen and dining room? Here are a couple of possibilities.

In color psychology, green is one of the most relaxing and soothing colors that exist. It makes your heart rate slow, getting rid of stress and creating a sensation of peace, safety and security. It’s no surprise that green hues have a strong connection with nature and plants, both for tropical designs and calm countryside decor. Warm greens convey the thought of home, family and rest. After all, there’s a reason it’s used so prominently in spas and luxurious vacation retreats.

Is it the right color for your kitchen? That depends a lot on you and your personality. Palm green is positive and inspiring. It encourages you to think outside the box, experiment and try new things from other cultures, all without fear. The results can be really amazing for you and your family, like the first time you ace a spicy Thai curry or taste a refreshing ceviche with shrimp and cilantro. If you love to travel and can’t wait to invent your own recipes – or put a signature twist on recipes you learned from your grandmother – palm green might definitely be the color for you.

Busy moms and dads also find a lot of enjoyment in their moments in a green kitchen. When you’re there, it’s like you forget about any pending homework, projects or errands you need to do. It just feels good. You can still make a quick breakfast – a cast-iron skillet is great for preparing eggs, bacon and potatoes at the same time – but without stress. That way you get to spend a few minutes with your kids every morning, laughing and making wonderful memories.

When it comes to decorating with Le Creuset palm green cookware and other accent pieces, it’s pretty much impossible to overdo things in a green room. Since it’s such a relaxing color, you can put it anywhere you want. Varying a few tones of green is an easy way to accessorize. You can also choose analogous hues like light orange, blue, teal and yellow.

Looking for a country design? Palm green is an awesome choice. Because of its connection to nature, including decorative elements like vases and flowers throughout the room is natural, literally. The kitchen island is a perfect spot for fresh florals or a bowl of colorful fruit. White cabinets, soft curtains and a few floral motifs create an ambience that is bright and positive. A few bar stools or a breakfast nook right there in the kitchen is nice for having the whole family together in an informal setting.

What effect does our Le Creuset palm green cookware have on your dining room? Guests feel like you’ve invited them over, not as acquaintances, but as trusted friends. They’re totally at ease and excited as you get dinner ready. In fact, you may find them peeking into the kitchen out of curiosity as you use your secret ingredients for the dishes you’re famous for. Green is elegant but laidback and artistic. The way you plate the meal and the combination of colors amazes guests even before they take the first bite.

How can you complement palm green cookware or dinnerware in the dining room? Well, if you’re going for a modern vibe, things like woven chairs, black light fixtures, wood tables with rich tones, Persian-style rugs and geometric artwork are a few ideas. Wood of any kind and palm green decor – like a runner – go hand-in-hand.

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