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Le Creuset Midnight Blue Cookware

People naturally love color. After all, it’s exciting. The difference between classic black-and-white films and full-color motion pictures is incredible. Did you know that there’s a psychological reason you like certain tones? Scientists recognize that unconsciously, different shades affect your emotions by helping you to relax, fall asleep, feel romantic or get in the mood for some fun. At Williams-Sonoma, we provide ways to infuse your kitchen and dining room with the power of vibrant hues using colorful cookware, kitchen appliances and dinnerware. What effect does our Le Creuset midnight blue cookware have on a space?

Blue is one of the most popular colors – both for men and women – around the world. Part of that probably has to do with the way it makes you feel. Blue is extremely relaxing. It takes away stress, physically lowers your heart rate and has a calming sensation. Blue is the color of peace and tranquility. Darker shades like midnight blue add a bit to the mix: they’re powerful and in control. If you like to focus on the task at hand and be free to do things your way, then midnight blue accents are probably a great choice for your kitchen or dining room.

What kind of ambience does midnight blue decor and cookware add to the kitchen? Because dark blue is so closely associated with the mind, it turns the kitchen into your personal space for experimentation and culinary perfection. Midnight blue accents fill you with confidence, help you concentrate and encourage precision. Love showing off complex cooking techniques or cooking lamb chops just right? Midnight blue turns you into a triple Michelin star chef every time you put on your apron. That’s probably why one of the most prestigious French culinary academies – where Julia Child studied – is called Le Cordon Bleu, or “the blue ribbon.”

At the same time, a midnight blue kitchen workspace keeps you calm and cool while you work. That’s a huge help if you have an exquisite gourmet feast of multiple courses prepared for special guests. The professional vibe of the room helps you focus on a bunch of things at the same time without getting overwhelmed at all. You can handle roasting veggies in the stove, searing steaks beautifully, making fluffy garlic mashed potatoes and preparing flavorful vinaigrette for a fresh salad, all at the same time; and everything turns out beautifully. A pressure cooker or slow cooker extracts tons of flavor from stews and roasts, and can be ready at the precise moment you want.

How can you decorate a kitchen with Le Creuset midnight blue cookware and other dark blue elements? Well, that kind of depends on your take on the color. On one hand, you can create a space that’s formal, functional and super-sophisticated. If you want to add a modern vibe, focus on sleek surfaces, midnight blue walls or cabinets, and lots of stainless-steel or other silver metallic finishes. Whites, grays and other neutral tones fit really well with this design. A stainless-steel pendant light fixture over the marble finish of your kitchen island treats you like a culinary expert. Having your own knife set is a great cherry on top.

Want to add some warmth to the elegance? Midnight blue and natural woods balance each other out beautifully. Golden lights and brass cabinet finials are another way to stay traditionally gorgeous but make things inviting too. A richly-toned wood countertop connects beloved family recipes and modern cooking techniques in one.

Midnight blue can also be artistic. As the dominant color in your kitchen or dining room, it creates a great backdrop for expressive artwork or exotic plants. There are tons of possible color combinations, including green, red and gold. Shades of blue are exciting when you’re plating a meal too. They make the other colors stand out really well, from bright green snow peas to yellow bell peppers. A ball of white rice, a few drops of your custom sauce and a sprinkling of sriracha complete a meal that is every bit visually stunning as it is delicious.

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