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Le Creuset Matte Aqua Cookware

When it comes to the staples in your kitchen, itʼs best to have cookware that you feel comfortable using, that is seamless to use and clean and is durable. This cookware should also fit in well with and complement your kitchen and tabletop decor. One of the worldʼs most well-known and premier cookware companies, Le Creuset, offers cookware and bakeware in various colors so you can mix and match vivid looks, creating a bright and cheerful look on your kitchen table. The Le Creuset Matte Aqua Cookware series offers a beautiful aqua color with a cool, matte finish that resists scratching, burns and other damage. Shop a wide selection of Le Creuset cookware and bakeware from us at Williams-Sonoma. Offering multiple color choices, you can decorate your cooking surfaces and tabletop however you wish.

One of the benefits of choosing Le Creuset is the availability of specialty cookware in niche colors in the staple vessels you use every day in your kitchen. For example, one of your most-used pieces of cookware is likely a Dutch oven. Available in anywhere from 1- to 9-quart sizes in aqua, this piece of cookware moves seamlessly from your stove top to oven as itʼs safe to use at temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Terrific for making soups and stews or for meals that require braising followed by baking, Dutch ovens are also dishwasher-safe and are easy to clean and maintain. The enamel coating on the inside offers you the ability to keep a close eye on your food as itʼs cooking; the lightly colored interior lets you know immediately if food is scalding or burning. Although these pans are available in more than 20 colors, the aqua shade is ideal for kitchens with blue or green color schemes as well as dining rooms or other spaces that carry a nautical theme.

Another staple thatʼs a must for your kitchen is a stove-top grill. A wonderful idea when itʼs cold outside or when outdoor grilling isnʼt possible, this type of stove-top grill fits on one burner on your range, making for easy stove-top grilling even when itʼs snowing outside. Made of cast-iron, this pan comes preseasoned and is ready to use right away. Cast-iron is a wonderful conductor of heat, and this allows you to make steaks, chops, burgers, hot dogs and anything you would normally make on an outside grill, creating perfect grill marks every time. This pan also fits over an outdoor grill, should you want additional grilling space specifically for outdoor grilling.

Other choices in the aqua collection include a Balti dish. This is a type of cast-iron pot that can be used for any type of stove-top cooking, but is excellent for making Indian curries and other dishes. The rounded sides help keep food moist and sauces inside of the pot while cooking. Large handles help you pick up the pot easily without burning. Ideal for any type of stove-top use, including induction, these Balti dishes are also dishwasher-safe and easy to clean.

Other aqua options include some bakeware. Every kitchen needs a casserole dish, and having a dish that matches your stove-top cookware is ideal. Look for a stoneware casserole dish in brilliant aqua. Its rectangular shape allows you to cook a wide variety of foods, such as everything from casseroles to entrées. Complete with a lid, this locks moisture in and keeps food fresh and itʼs cooking and warming in the oven. One of the brilliant things about stoneware bakeware is its ability to move seamlessly from the oven or broiler to your tabletop and then safely in your refrigerator or freezer afterward. These types of dishes are also microwave-safe.

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