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Le Creuset Coral

At Williams-Sonoma, we believe that cooking shouldn’t be a chore. We want you to enjoy yourself in the kitchen. That’s why we offer cookware that’s not just practical and durable, but also a little bit different. Show off your personality every time you cook. That’s the essence of our Le Creuset Coral offerings. If you love to look on the bright side, always see the glass half full and aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty, then these pieces are a perfect fit for you. A professional-quality cutting board makes food prep faster.

Bring your kitchen to life. The colors of Le Creuset Coral infuse the whole space with zest and flair. Cooking becomes an adventure filled with excitement. It dares you to take chances and experiment with exotic flavors and bold ingredients like cilantro, mint, curry, chocolate and – of course – hot peppers of all kinds. Our Coral pieces have an iridescent glow that shifts slightly between red and orange hues. So whenever you come into the kitchen for breakfast, get ready to wake up bursting with positive energy and a smile on your face. If that’s not enough, get some caffeine into your veins with an espresso maker.

That same confident and energetic vibe that has such a big impact on the kitchen also works wonders at the dining room. Enjoy your moments together as a family. Bright colors have a big effect on everyone’s mood, making them more cheerful. If you want to create an atmosphere where everyone feels free to express themselves and laugh, this is the color to make it happen. When entertaining friends and family, Le Creuset Coral adds a laid-back feel to the occasion. So it works just as well for nachos and football as it does for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. Plus, vibrant tones give your home a touch of art.

Staying healthy is important, and it contributes a lot to feeling great. One way to count calories and still have mouthwatering flavors is with a wok. Our high-quality woks don’t need much oil to brown proteins and veggies like a pro. Enameled cast iron can definitely handle the heat, so everything cooks quickly and precisely. That means crispy vegetables and juicy meats. The best part is that by stir-frying instead of boiling, veggies don’t lose important nutrients. A large wok is great for families too, since the amount of space lets you prepare enough food for everyone. Or satisfy your sweet tooth with homemade fried dumplings or donuts. Our Le Creuset wok lets you heat oil hot enough for a golden texture on egg rolls and crab puffs too. Creating pastries is a lot easier with the right tools.

A skinny grill is another health-conscious tool that lets you decide how much or how little you want to stick to your diet. Either way, the flavors are there. For low-fat cooking, grilled chicken breast is hard to beat. The ridges of the grill pan drain away unwanted grease while locking in moisture. Pork chops or lean cuts of steak turn out just as succulent and moist. Afterwards, slice them up and serve on top of a fresh salad. Another advantage of an indoor grill is that it lets you work with ingredients that are pretty hard to cook outdoors, like fish, shrimp or a vegetable medley. Or give in to the dark side – it’s so tempting – and savor a perfectly charred hamburger with grilled onions and mushrooms.

For a homemade dessert afterwards, check out the ease of our stoneware pieces. Fresh fruit cobblers, fluffy blueberry cake and moist brownies all cook evenly in stoneware. That way they end up with a golden crust on top, but still moist on the inside. Le Creuset pieces are resistant to scratches, chipping or cracking, so get used to your favorite cookware. You’ll have it for a long time. Uncovered casseroles also make great sides, like creamy potatoes au gratin and other comfort foods.

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