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Fagor Cookware

Fagor Cookware has been around a long time. In fact, it started making pressure cookers in 1946. One of Spain’s leading manufacturers of cookware and appliances, it has a reputation as an industry leader and having experience to know what works in the kitchen. Its high-performance pressure cookers are used on the stove top. A self-locking handle seals the lid for efficiency in cooking. Cook time is reduced by up to 70 percent, preserving up to 50 percent more of the nutrients in the food than other cooking methods. As a result, it’s quicker and healthier to use a pressure cooker.

Food preparation is the same as other types of cooking. Use a cutting board to chop vegetables, garlic and other foods according to the recipe. At Williams-Sonoma, we have an assortment of high-quality cutting boards and chopping blocks. Some are made of walnut, cherry or maple while others are a combination of woods. Oval, square and round shapes are available. They are practical and tastefully designed, so you might want to leave them out in the kitchen for decoration.

Make sure you have a good knife set to use for slicing, cutting and chopping. Most come with a honing steel included for keeping the knives sharpened. Paring, chef’s and utility knives are crucial to have in any kitchen. Many knife sets have storage blocks so you can keep them out on the counter to be readily available when you are cooking.

For a fancier presentation, use a spiralizer for slicing. Multiblade spiralizers allow you to make spiral cuts, shoestrings or ribbon strands using vegetables and firm fruit. This simple technique turns an average cook into a gourmet chef. To make thin, fine slices, use a mandoline. Professional chefs have been using them for years, and home cooks can now take advantage of this simple tool. A sharp blade is used to shred potatoes to a paper-thin size or slice cucumbers thinly for sandwiches or salads. A mandoline equipped with a shredding blade makes quick work of cooked chicken for chicken salad, pot pies or casseroles.

Once the chopping and slicing are complete, add everything to a mixing bowl. Choose from stackable stainless-steel, copper, glass, melamine or ceramic, depending on your preference. They come in assorted sizes, although you’ll likely want at least one small, medium and large bowl. Those that have lids are good for storage. Most are safe to use in the dishwasher. Decorative mixing bowls can double as serving bowls going from countertop to table.

Need some new ideas for cooking in your pressure cooker? Try a new cookbook to experiment with new recipes. Mealtime is all the more satisfying when you can try new things at any time. Flipping through the pages gives you lots of ideas to shake up your meals. There are several classic cookbooks that should be on every cook’s bookshelf to make many of those tried-and-true recipes. Specific cookbooks are available for gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian and pescatarian diets and many others as well.

Sometimes, all you need is a new sauce or seasoning to add flair to your cooking. Bourbon and black pepper barbecue sauce and citrus ginger are tasty toppings for grilled foods. Exotic braising sauces include maple stout, black truffle and coconut curry. Truffle Alfredo turns pasta into a work of art that makes your mouth water. Meyer lemon garlic marinade is good for vegetables, pork tenderloin or chicken. These are handy to keep in the pantry or refrigerator, but suitable for gift giving as well. Anyone who likes to cook would love to try these ready-made sauces and marinades to change up weekly menus.

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