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Scanpan Cookware Favorites

At Williams-Sonoma, we aim to make your life a little easier. We also want you to be able to cook food your way. Thatʼs why we offer products like food processors, professional knife sets and other tools that cater to your personal style and help with food prep. Other equipment and cookware give you awesome results when grilling your famous barbecue ribs or roasting a mouthwatering chicken with herbs and potatoes. Bottom line: when your family members have satisfied smiles on their faces, youʼre happy and so are we. Thatʼs the theme of our Scanpan Cookware Favorites Collection: fun times with family and friends.

One of the advantages of our high-quality Scanpan nonstick cookware is the ability it delivers to cook items quickly. There are probably some times when you have a lot on your plate and want to make a meal that is fast and effortless. Scanpan is a big help during those moments since food made in these items doesnʼt stick or burn. Preparing tacos, spaghetti, stir-fried chicken and snow peas, hamburgers and many other family favorites take only less than a half hour. You still get the pleasure of contented stomachs, but you also have enough time to relax afterward. That way, you can treat yourself to a relaxing evening at home.

Another way our advanced nonstick cookware saves time is with cleanup. Leftover bits of food release easily – usually a paper towel is enough for the job – and Scanpan pots and pans are safe for the dishwasher too. Just pop them inside, push a button, and youʼre ready to resume the nightʼs activities.

A trademark of our Scanpan collection is the commitment to the environment. Thatʼs why we use 100 percent recycled aluminum in its construction. All of our nonstick cookware is perfluorooctanoic acid-free, which is good for the planet and for keeping your family safe too. That way, you have good feelings about taking proper care of your loved ones by making them healthy food. Most of all, we know the amount of love you put into meals and it shows. It makes a big impression on your kids – and guests – who adore the way you cook.

Some Scanpan pieces are made entirely of recycled aluminum and others feature a number of layers of alternating aluminum and stainless-steel. How does that affect food preparation and cooking? Aluminum is an amazing conductor of heat. It gets hot quickly and cooks food evenly throughout the pan. Combined with the nonstick coating, itʼs easy to get food just the way you like it: golden brown, crispy, tender and juicy. You donʼt have to worry about hot spots or sticking.

The added stainless-steel component brings a few extra surprises to the table. Stainless-steel doesnʼt distribute heat as well as aluminum but has special heat-conserving properties. When stainless-steel gets hot, it stays that way for a long time. Why is that important? It helps when you want to sear proteins that are cold. The pan doesnʼt lose much heat on contact so you still get a beautiful brown color. Both materials working together are hard to beat, with aluminum keeping heat distributed properly and stainless-steel concentrating it where you want it.

What if you like cooking with very little oil or none at all? One option is to go with a ceramic nonstick coating. Ceramic lets you brown, sauté, fry, roast, grill and braise anything you want, the way you like. Many ceramic coatings are designed to stand up to metal cooking utensils without a problem.

What type of pots and pans do you need for a fully equipped kitchen? That often depends on your lifestyle and the kind of things you like to cook. A frying pan is helpful for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sauté pans are very versatile and offer plenty of space. A Dutch oven is the king of one-pot meals and can make pretty much anything imaginable by stove top or oven.

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