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Riess Cookware

When selecting cookware, it’s important to stay true to yourself. Technical specifications are meaningful since they affect how pots and pans perform on the stove top or in the oven. However, what makes a set of cookware beloved by users is the way each piece looks and feels. That’s true whether you’re looking for cookware for yourself or a gift for someone you know and appreciate. Its design, shape, color and even the material cookware is made of create an instant connection with specific people. At Williams-Sonoma, we like to offer professional-quality pieces that give you awesome results when it’s time to cook, and enhance your home’s decor.

If you love cuddling up around the fireplace with some flannel pajamas when it’s cold outside, the personality and design theme of our Riess cookware collection is probably the ideal set for you. Our Riess collection has a charming rustic appearance that fits cozy decor like a super-soft blanket. It gives homes filled with elements of natural wood another layer of warmth. It’s also a suitable match for traditional design styles. Elegant curtains, pristine tile accents, works of art inspired by Monet and upholstered seating are a few signs you appreciate the classics. Our Austrian-made Riess cookware sums up all of these virtues with sleek surfaces and white and navy tones.

Riess cookware is created with layers of porcelain enamel and a steel core. There are several benefits of cooking with a porcelain enamel surface. For one thing, it’s naturally nonstick. That means you only need to use a little bit of, if any, oil when cooking. Searing meats, caramelizing onions or browning mushrooms is very easy thanks to four layers of high-fired enamel. Another health benefit is that there aren’t any toxic coatings to worry about. All of our high-quality nonstick cookware is perfluorooctanoic acid-free to keep your family safe. On top of everything else, many people prefer the added natural quality of porcelain enamel.

Because it’s nonporous, porcelain enamel is also very hard yet still lightweight. It’s extremely scratch-resistant, so it stays beautiful for ages. This means you can use metal utensils with the cookware in the Riess collection. Nylon or wood utensils protect the surface even from minor scratches, but metal utensils won’t affect the functionality of a porcelain-enamel coating. Use your favorite cooking accessories for added comfort.

Our Riess cookware features brilliant blue and white tones. It stands out for all to see, especially when you’re serving guests at the dining room table. Another advantage of porcelain enamel pieces is that they’re very versatile. You can start things off on the stove top – to brown proteins, for example – and then add some wine and vegetables and put the same container inside the oven for an aromatic slow-cooked meal. When it’s done, take it to your dining table or buffet and let your friends and family breathe in all of the luscious vapors. That opens up their appetite and makes your food taste even more incredible. Just remember to use oven mitts and trivet since the cookware remains hot for quite a while.

The Riess Cookware collection pieces all have a steel core. Steel has similar heating properties as cast-iron – it absorbs heat and sustains it for a long time – but weighs far less. With a porcelain-enameled steel core, your food cooks on its own even with very low heat. Once you remove it from the stove top or oven, it still stays warm while your serve. That’s also a big help when making a roux or gravy with pan juices. You don’t need any heat source while thickening. Porcelain is an excellent heat conductor as well so it cooks food evenly throughout.

One of the best parts is cleanup. Thanks to the nonstick properties of porcelain enamel and its ultra-glossy composition, leftover food particles slide off effortlessly. That way, you can enjoy entertaining guests and being part of the action. When everyone heads home, it doesn’t take long for your kitchen to be spotless once again.

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