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Ballarini Cookware

You love having different options, which is why we at Williams-Sonoma offer a wide range of different kinds of cookware to choose from. Copper, stainless-steel, stoneware and ceramic nonstick are just a few possibilities when it comes to making family favorites with major flavor and terrific results. Each one has certain advantages. With so many options available, how can you find the pieces you’re looking for? Don’t worry, it’s not hard. Having many choices lets you pick out something that fits your needs and cooking style very closely. It might be the type of cuisine you love, your schedule or even specific colors that enhance your kitchen beautifully. Go with cookware that makes your life easier, shows off your skills and gets you excited.

One signature characteristic of our Ballarini cookware is its beautiful white ceramic interior and exterior. It’s impossible to miss whether hanging gorgeously from an overhead pot rack or simmering on the stove top. Another advantage is the totally pure – it’s 99.9-percent pure – aluminum used in its construction. That keeps the cooking surface flat and even, which makes sure that the entire pan is in contact with your stove so everything cooks at the same time.

Our Ballarini selection is based on two central pillars. First, tradition and technology are important for amazing flavor. Ballarini was established in Italy in 1889, so these pieces have the benefit of more than a century of experience in fine European restaurants and family kitchens alike. They’re practical, high quality and durable. The other theme of our Ballarini cookware is the importance of the environment. We know you care deeply about your family’s health and the future of your kids. Taking care of the planet – and teaching them to eat healthy – gives them a wonderful inheritance they can enjoy for a long time.

What makes Ballarini pieces eco-friendly and safe for your family? Well, one thing is that they’re perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA)-free. PFOA is a chemical that many researchers feel is toxic to plants, animals and humans. We refuse to use it in any of our manufacturing processes. For added peace of mind, the ceramic nonstick of Ballarini cookware is also polytetrafluoroethylene-free, which means it doesn’t have any kind of plastic coating on the cooking surface. What are other advantages of ceramic nonstick cookware?

It promotes cooking without oil or butter, for one thing. Of course, if you want to add some oil to your meals because of a certain flavor profile, to brighten up food or to keep rice and noodles fluffy, go for it. However, if you feel like cooking with little or no oil, ceramic nonstick cookware handles things beautifully. You can sear proteins, sauté vegetables or onions, reduce sauces and do just about anything else you want on the stove top without a drop of oil. That’s awesome for healthy cooking.

The ceramic nonstick surface makes it easy to move ingredients around the pan and toss veggies easily. Nothing sticks and everything cooks uniformly thanks to the aluminum construction. Aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat so pans get hot quickly and distribute heat throughout the pan. No hot spots mean everything is cooked equally and ready at the same time. Crispy vegetables, tender and juicy meats and tasty sauces are just a few of the benefits.

A glass lid isn’t essential when cooking, but it helps. That’s especially true if you like to make stir-fries or other meals with many different ingredients that all have their own cooking time. Few things are as amazing as fresh broccoli, carrots and snow peas cooked to perfection. A glass lid lets you keep an eye on the color and texture of things so you know when to add ingredients or turn down the heat. Plus, it looks amazing when serving at the dining room table. The white surfaces of our Ballarini cookware flow naturally with dining room entertaining, adding to the fresh and gourmet appearance of your favorite recipes.

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