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Cookbook Holders & Recipe Storage

No matter if you have a neat collection of cookbooks or a hodge podge collection of recipes on scrap paper, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to storing and accessing your recipes. Cookbook holders and recipe storage boxes make your recipes easily accessible so you can try out new dishes or whip up your tried-and-true favorites. Find a selection of tools for organizing your recipes and cookbooks from us at Williams Sonoma. Learn how to use them to step up your cooking game in the kitchen.

Have Recipes Ready at a Glance

Recipes make it easy to take your cooking skills to the next level. If you’re familiar with a recipe, then you may only need to glance at it every once in a while to make sure you’re on the right track. If you’re trying out a new recipe or have a lot of steps to follow, then it’s better to have the cookbook open to refer back to the steps through the entire cooking process. Place your book on a cookbook holder to keep it open on the proper page and make it easier to see. A protective cover over the pages prevents smudges, splashes and spills from ruining your book. Propping your book up on a cookbook holder allows you to take a quick glance at the recipe and move from one step to the next without missing a beat.

Cookbook holders are available in several styles and materials. Stainless-steel cookbook holders are easy to wipe clean, which is essential in the kitchen, one of the messiest rooms of the house. However, wood and marble have an elegant look, which adds to the decor of your kitchen.

Keep Your Cookbooks Organized

If you have a stack of cookbooks, keeping them organized is key. This makes it easier for you to grab the book you need and find the recipe you want. Dedicate a shelf or shelves in your kitchen to keeping all of your cookbooks in one place. Avoid putting them in a place where they’re exposed to humidity or grease splatters; you want to make sure they’ll remain in good condition. Organize them by category or type to make them easier to find; however, an alphabetical or other system works, too. Having a stool or chair nearby allows you to browse cookbooks to find a recipe. Then, place your book in a cookbook holder and get to work.

Make Your Favorite Recipes Easy to Find

In the digital age, you might find recipes online versus in a cookbook. Printing recipes out allows you to have them on hand all the time and prevents you from having to bring a computer or tablet in the kitchen. However, a stack of printed recipes is hard to keep track of. Place your printed recipes, recipe cards or recipes on scrap paper in a recipe box so they’re all in one place. Not only is a recipe box a decorative piece for your kitchen, but it also protects your recipes from being lost or damaged.

You can keep hundreds of recipes in a single recipe box, so be sure to come up with an organization or filing system. Create separators to place between different categories. Make a custom index so that your favorite recipes are easy to find.

Cookbooks and recipes make it easy for you to try new dishes or strengthen your cooking skills. While recipe storage boxes let you store recipe cards and other loose recipes for easy access, cookbook holders hold your cookbook open so you can quickly glance at the pages even when your hands are full. Step up your culinary skills by adding both to your kitchen.

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