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Wolf Gourmet Electrics

Wolf Gourmet Cutlery

Toasters & Ovens

Many homeowners shop carefully for large appliances such as stoves and refrigerators, but the small appliances get just as much use, and the choices you make in appliances say more about your personality and preferences. Every house has a refrigerator and a stove, but what is found on the kitchen counters reflects the home cook’s tastes, refinements and appreciation for quality tools and ingredients. Most people have a toaster, but whether it’s a two-slice toaster, four-slice toaster or a countertop oven varies by family and cooking habits. Wolf Gourmet’s electric line from Williams-Sonoma has the right small appliance to suit any cook’s needs.

The appliances we use most often are most likely to be stored in plain view on the counters. The look and feel of these devices makes a statement of style even when they are not in use. The Wolf Gourmet line of products has a bold appearance that matches any decor. Stainless-steel and die-cast construction protects from daily wear and tear while giving the line a clean look, and the choice of red, black or stainless-steel knobs allows for customization that most brands don’t offer.

Whether you choose a two-slice or four-slice toaster, you will get top-of-the-line features that set Wolf Gourmet apart from the competition. The toast shade selector dial provides seven different options for toast color, from light to dark, and the slots are wide enough to accommodate any type of bread you want to toast. The self-centering bread guides keep slices in the proper location for even, golden toasting. Once the toast is finished, it is positioned for easy and comfortable removal. Both pairs of slots are independently controlled on the four-slice toaster, because everyone likes his or her toast to be a little different.

The Wolf Gourmet Oven performs like a full-size oven, but fits on your countertop. It has six cooking modes: proof, warm, roast, bake, broil and toast. This oven is equipped for smaller-scale preparation of just about any food. Use it to prepare the hors d'oeuvres at your next dinner party while the entree is cooking in your oven. With precision temperature control and perimeter convection, this oven will ensure that everything is done perfectly, whether you are cooking for guests or heating leftovers for yourself.

The blender is another appliance that makes a frequent appearance and earns a place on the counter. Whether you are enjoying your morning smoothie, pureeing a soup, chopping vegetables or preparing a relaxing cocktail at the end of the day, this blender will do it with style and efficiency. A simple twist of the red, black or stainless-steel knob will select one of four easy function settings: smoothie, ice crush, puree or soup. The dial allows for infinitely variable speed adjustment to attain the perfect consistency in your blended foods. The blender includes an emulsion cup for creating delicious dressings and marinades, and the 64-ounce blender cup is clearly marked, allowing you to make precise measurements. Despite its large capacity, the blender is designed to fit beneath standard kitchen cabinets. It not only looks stylish in its own right, but is the ideal companion to your choice of toaster or oven to enhance your kitchen’s style and performance.

The Wolf Gourmet high-end appliances raise the bar in any kitchen, and they make a great gift for weddings, housewarmings or holidays. Or perhaps you just want to treat yourself to superior quality and performance in your own kitchen, and enjoy the results every day. Whatever the reason for your purchase, these small appliances will enhance the appearance and functionality of any kitchen and help to provide many superior meals for years to come.

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