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Smart Tools

Smart products and the Internet of Things are revolutionizing our daily lives. Smart appliances are machines that connect to one another and the Internet. They can send and receive information and are often used in conjunction with tablets, iPads, laptops and handy smartphone apps. These connected machines can be found throughout the house, and the kitchen is no exception. Smart kitchen electrics save you time, and they make life in the kitchen easier.

Each smart tool is designed for a specific task, meaning they are highly specialized and have been developed to achieve the best results. Not only that, with their contemporary design and attractive finishes, such as brushed steel, they look great too. LCD displays, touch screen controls and easy-to-use apps combine to make cooking an even greater pleasure. Smart kitchen electrics are ideal for both culinary beginners and experienced cooks, and busy people will love their time saving capabilities. There are a range of smart products that tackle different kitchen chores. They can be used for everything from brewing the perfect cup of coffee to producing a deliciously tender and juicy roast.

Coffee drinkers know what they like, and now you can create your ideal cup every time. Bluetooth-connected espresso makers are fully automated. These machines give you complete control. You can set the strength and flavor of your coffee, and you can adjust the volume and temperature. Milky coffee lovers can even program the machine to produce an exact amount of froth. Smart espresso machines also connect to apps that let you order a coffee from your device, meaning you can activate the machine from other parts of the house. Program a cup on-the-go from bed, and your favorite roast will be ready when you get up. The apps are also jam-packed with all the information you need to become an expert coffee maestro. Smart espresso machines come with a range of pre-sets that will create up to 18 specialty drinks. You can also set up a personal profile management system that lets you customize and save the preferred mix of up to six coffee drinkers.

For chefs who love to combine cooking and entertainment, smart Bluetooth-connected speakers let you fill your kitchen with music while you produce your culinary masterpieces. These ingenious speakers also allow you to watch cooking demo videos, search for tips and inspiration online. You even chat with friends while you rustle up a meal. The attractive speakers wirelessly connect to the Internet, and their powerful re-chargeable batteries give up to seven hours of playing power. Combine your smart speakers with a classy kitchen stand that fits snuggly on top of the speakers. These look great and let you safely prop up your devices, either horizontally or vertically, for easy viewing and reading.

Even the most careful cooks can make a splash in the kitchen, and using small kitchen electronics means that you will have iPads, tablets and smartphones to protect. There are a range of handy accessories to help you do just that. Guard your devices from accidents with screen protectors or protective sleeves. These essential accessories are durable and moisture-resistant. The covers have been designed to be both clear and highly sensitive to touch. Now you can swipe to your heart’s desire, without the risk of ending up with sticky devices.

Smart thermometers take the guesswork out of cooking, roasting and baking. These Wi-Fi enabled thermometers connect to both a high-tech base station and to the Internet. They can be used with an app or on their own. A smart thermometer allows you to monitor your favorite dishes, roasts and cakes in real time while they are cooking. The thermometers come with a heat-resistant cord and probe that can handle temperatures up to 716°F. The probe connects to a base station that displays the current temperature on an LCD display. When you connect to the app, you can adjust timings, manage your work flow and follow step-by-step cooking instructions. For inspiration, combine your smart thermometer with your favorite cookbooks.

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