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Single Serve Coffee Makers and Espresso Machines

At home, brewing an entire pot of coffee usually isn't the most practical option. By the time the last cup is poured, the pot will have gone cold and stale. Single serve coffee makers let you pour a hot, fresh cup of coffee any time the craving strikes. Many machines can also make espresso and other specialty coffee drinks. These machines are small enough to sit right on your kitchen counter and stylish enough to complement any modern or contemporary kitchen.

Brewing the Perfect Cup of Coffee

To brew a cup of coffee in a single serve coffee maker, the first step is to insert a compatible coffee pod. The machine will read the pod's barcode and internally adjust the settings to the right brewing temperature. Most machines let you choose between two to three different serving sizes, so place a cup beneath the spout then choose the number of ounces you'd like to brew. When there is not enough water, the machine will let you know with words or symbols on the screen. You can then remove and fill the reservoir and try brewing again. If you need plain hot water to make hot chocolate or brew bagged tea, simply run the machine without a coffee pod.

While single cup coffee makers are perfect for single person households, they're also suitable for larger families as well. Since everyone can choose their own flavored coffee pod based on personal preference, you'll never have to fight over which type of coffee to make in the mornings. Some coffee machine manufacturers, like Nespresso, have their own line of coffee pods for their single-serve machines. Other brands, like Cuisinart and Williams Sonoma, offer machines which are compatible with most Keurig K-Cup pods. Equip your kitchen with a single serve coffee maker and a toaster oven or 4-slice toaster in your kitchen and your mornings are sure to run smoothly.

Features and Accessories

With dozens of great single serve coffee makers to choose from, finding the right machine for your home can be difficult. Most machines come in a few basic colors, like black, silver and dark gray. A few are also available in bold red to add a fun pop of color to your countertops. Some extra features that may interest you include:

  • The ability to make fancy espresso drinks as well as regular coffee at the push of a button.
  • Removable drip trays for easy cleanup and for filling tall travel mugs.
  • Warm, hot and extra-hot temperature settings to choose from.
  • The ability to program the machine to automatically brew your coffee in the mornings.
  • An auto shutoff function to save electricity.

Some single cup coffee makers also include a variety of extra accessories, like:

  • A selection of coffee pods to start off your collection.
  • An empty, reusable coffee pod that can be filled with the coffee grounds of your choice.
  • A coordinating coffee carafe for times when you'd like to brew a full pot.
  • A milk frother to warm and froth milk for cappuccinos and other specialty drinks.

Enjoy a fresh cup of coffee without leaving the house with single serve coffee makers from Williams Sonoma. Keep a wide variety of regular and flavored capsules in your coffee pod storage container to enjoy a different gourmet hot beverage every morning.

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