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Electric Fry Pan

Add extra convenience to your kitchen and prepare healthy meals in record time. An electric fry pan is quick and easy to use, and it makes a great complementary device to your electric pressure cooker or slow cooker. Our collections offer a variety of brands, including Cuisinart, All-Clad and our own Willams Sonoma brand.

Electric Fry Pan Benefits

An electric fry pan doesn't replace your trusty cast iron fry pan; rather, it makes a wonderful addition to your everyday cookware. It heats up much quicker than the stove, so it's a great cooking option when you want to quickly fry up some food for an evening meal. It also heats up evenly, which makes it easier to make foods such as pancakes, French toast or fried chicken. Because it doesn't give off as much heat as your stove element, it is a comfortable cooking option for those hot summer days. If you want to make a big meal that requires many different dishes, it can free up an extra element on your stove.

There are few different options to choose from when it comes to electric fry pans. Many devices include lids, which help food cook faster and keep ingredients such as eggs and cheese from drying out. However, cooking on an open grill can also have benefits, such as crispy surfaces and better access for stirring, so you may not necessarily need a lid. These appliances also come in different shapes and sizes. Some look like classic fry pans with round shapes and deeper sides. These are good options if you like to deep-fried foods such as tater tots and doughnuts, and you can also use them to make foods such as stir fry and curry. Other models are completely open and do not have sides at all. Many of these are square-shaped, which helps you add more foods at once. These are excellent substitutes for grills, as you can use them indoors to make burgers, bacon, corn, hot dogs and other barbecue favorites. They're also handy for making pancakes and crepes, as the open surface makes it easier to flip these foods.

These small appliances are easy to clean and maintain. Most have electric components that completely unplug from the pan, so you can wash them in the sink. Most models have nonstick coatings, which prevents ingredients from sticking to the bottom and sides. Although these coatings are usually not dishwasher safe, they are still easy to clean. Simply fill the sink with warm water and gentle dish soap and use a soft cloth or brush to wash the pan.

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