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Miele Espresso Makers

Miele Vacuums


Relying on over 100 years of experience is the trusted brand Miele, the German manufacturing company in Gütersloh that specializes in high-end domestic appliances, which include kitchen appliances, laundry machines, rotary irons, freezers and vacuum cleaners. Among the line of Miele kitchen appliances, are selection of premium espresso makers that create café-quality coffee, espresso, cappuccino and latte.

Williams-Sonoma offers a number of these premium espresso makers including two models that are both fully automatic. These kitchen appliances from the Miele brand immediately call attention to themselves because of their impressive design that is a mix of elegance and functionality. The espresso makers feature the DirectSensor interface that matches the Miele’s line of built-in kitchen appliances. With programmable settings for up to four users, the espresso machines store preferences for water temperature, fineness of grind and coffee-to-water ratio. Among the other features of Miele coffee machines include a height adjustable central spout, one-touch selection for single or double servings, multi-setting built-in coffee grinders, and automatic serving programs for espresso, coffee, cappuccino, café latte, and café machiatto. Maintaining these kitchen appliances are also a cinch with Miele espresso cleaning and descaling tabs, which are available for purchase separately.

Apart from espresso makers, other electronics from the Meile brand that we offer to you include a line of vacuum cleaners, which include lightweight, heavy-duty, specialty, automatic and compact vacuum cleaning units. The Miele’s line of heavy duty and high performance vacuum cleaners work efficiently on various surfaces including hardwood, plush carpeting, heavy rug, stone and tile. They have a low-noise output despite their powerful Miele 1200-watt vortex motor. Miele high-performance vacuums have a 36-foot cleaning radius, lightweight construction, ambidextrous power and section controls, alternate vacuum heads for specialized cleaning and a HEPA air filtration system. On the other hand, the Miele’s line of lightweight vacuum cleaners is ideal for quick and easy cleaning. Despite their lightweight stick design and an average weight of only nine pounds, they still come with a powerful 1000-watt Miele vortex motor with multi-speed control.

Also among the Miele brand of vacuum cleaners are specialty vacuum such as cat and dog vacuums and autonomous robot vacuum cleaners. The Miele cat and dog vacuum cleaners have specialized features that make quick work of fur and dander that furry pets that shed on carpets and other surfaces. These include a power-driven extra-wide brush head, low noise 1200-watt Miele vortex intake vacuum motor, electrostatic filters to keep the fur in and other brush attachments for cleaning various surfaces. Like the high-performance line of Miele vacuum cleaners, the cat and dog vacuum cleaners also have 36' of cleaning radius. Their other features include six power settings and plus and minus pedals to fine-tune the power of the vacuum.

For an even more convenient cleaning system, the Miele brand has an autonomous vacuum cleaner that’s programmable for light and custom cleaning. This vacuum cleaner features a smart room-positioning system, which gives users the option of customizing its cleaning task to a set of specifications. Ideal for hard surfaces and light carpet vacuuming, this vacuum cleaner has gyro sensors and a ceiling camera that map its exact position, several pre-programmed cleaning modes, air filtration system and a climb mode that helps it move across thresholds. For the Miele line of vacuum cleaners, replacement components are also available including dust bags and vacuum filters.

Indeed, when it comes to Miele kitchen appliances and other electrics, the quality and functionality of their build place it among the elite German global brands. Meile’s line of domestic appliances takes even the simplest household items to a whole new level of sophistication.

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