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Magimix by Robot-Coupe

Exponentially cut the time you spend preparing ingredients in your kitchen when you invest in a Magimix food processor. Magimix food processors and toasters are some of the highest quality home kitchen products available, and Magimix is a trusted name, being the very first food processor created by the French company Robot-Coupe. Williams-Sonoma carries a range of food processors by this brand that can fit a household of any size.

If you are a fan of making your own pasta sauces, then a Magimix food processor is a necessity. After boiling your pasta, simply add your ingredients to the food processor. There is no need to cut most of your produce, because there is a large feeding tube that accommodates most fruits and vegetables on the top. Change out the blades to get a spaghetti sauce with a chunky consistency or a pesto that is as smooth as what you order in restaurants.

For people who make their own bread, a Magimix food processor is great for mixing and kneading the dough before you put it into the oven. Simply take all of your flour, eggs and other ingredients, and send them through the appliance with the dough blade attached. The egg-whisk design of the bowl gives your dough enough room to expand as it becomes larger from all of the kneading.

If you need to work on multiple cooking projects at the same time, Magimix food processors come with several different bowls that allow you to prep ingredients while you wait for others to finish cutting. Because the design of the Magimix food processor is so compact, you have extra space on the counter to take care of other tasks while processing food.

Trying to live a healthier lifestyle can be difficult because of all of the fruits and vegetables you are supposed to eat. Knock out all of your servings in a single drink when you put the BlenderMix attachment onto your food processor. This attachment is strong enough to crush ice, giving you an ice-cold smoothie with no struggle at all. The blades are made of a Sabatier stainless-steel material that stays strong and sharp over repeated uses. The bowls that the Magimix food processors use are also free of BPA, making them a healthy choice.

Fans of crispy potatoes and onion strings can rejoice, because Magimix offers blade discs that allow you to julienne these vegetables into thin slices that are perfect for sending into the deep fryer. These discs are dishwasher-safe, making them easy to clean after heavy use. These extra slicing discs also come with a convenient case so you can store them on your own instead of mixing them with all of your other kitchen utilities in a random drawer.

While Magimix keeps innovating in food processor technology, they are not satisfied with one kitchen appliance. Toasters by Magimix are extremely unique because they feature glass windows that let you see the toasting process as it happens. After creating the perfect dough using a Magimix food processor and baking it, you can place it into the toaster to create everything from sandwich slices for BLTs to toast points for spinach-artichoke dip.

Magimix toasters feature several different heating options that allow you to perfectly cook a bagel, reheat leftovers or get the best possible slice of toast to spread jam onto. The slots of these toasters are thick to fit large pieces of bread, while the buttons on the bottom let you get your food when you are ready for it. These toasters are so durable that the company claims they are good for over 30,000 uses, which is a whole lot of bread.

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