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Hestan Electrics

Hestan Electrics creates products that help simplify the process of cooking meals. This cookware, which we are proud to carry here at Williams-Sonoma, is made to last and distributes heat evenly. The Cue set brings technology to the cooking process and these Hestan items let you create masterpiece meals even if you’re a first-time chef.

Nanobond cookware from Hestan distributes heat well, cleans up easily and is designed to last. A technique that blends 200 nanolayers of titanium to triple-bonded stainless-steel makes this cookware nearly indestructible so it lasts you a lifetime. An aluminum core is built into the pans to improve heat distribution by 35 percent compared to regular aluminum pans. These pieces resist scratches, salt pitting and stains, plus the pans have four times the durability of a regular stainless-steel pan. Nanobond cookware has an elegant shine that makes it a pleasure to look at, and its even heat distribution lets food brown neatly from the moment you put it in the pan until you put it on a plate for serving.

These pans have a nonstick surface that resists scratches, even if you use metal cooking utensils. Pick up a full set of Nanobond cookware if you’re setting up house, replacing another set of pans or looking for a special gift for someone starting out in life. When you just need one piece of cookware, such as a skillet, saucepan or wok, single pieces are available in this collection. Choosing a single piece is a way to expand your existing set of Hestan cookware. If you enjoy creating large meals for a big family or gatherings and need an extra Dutch oven or saute pan.

The Hestan Cue is a set that includes a frying pan, an induction cooktop and an application that brings Bluetooth® technology to your kitchen. The app includes step-by-step directions and videos that show you each step of preparing the recipes that you follow along with on your smartphone or tablet. When you use the Hestan Cue recipe app with the pan and cooktop, it guides you through the steps of each recipe and the app adjusts the temperature of the cooktop for you. If you prefer to go freestyle and choose your own temperature settings while cooking recipes of your own, that’s an option too. The fry pan is different than a traditional fry pan because it is specially designed to communicate with the other pieces, but if you use the induction cooktop in manual mode, it is compatible with other induction cookware.

The Smart Fry Pan is ideal if you need a replacement pan for your Cue induction cooktop, or if you want to prepare more than one pan of food without emptying out each pan. It isn’t designed to work on any other cooking surface or in the oven because it has built-in Bluetooth technology. The built-in technology lets it communicate with the app and cooktop to keep the temperature at the desired setting. The pan and app even work together to cook food to the degree of doneness that you like so whether you prefer your food rare or well done, the guesswork is taken out of the equation and all you need to do is follow along with your choice of more than 100 recipes.

Hestan Cue induction burners offer the versatility of working with the Smart Fry Pan or your other induction cookware. The main difference in using different types of cookware is that only the Hestan Cue Smart Fry Pan works with the burner and app to regulate temperatures and cooking times for you. When you use regular induction cookware with the Cue burner, you enjoy the flexibility of using your own recipes and best judgment when adjusting the temperature and the cooking time.

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