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Google Home

A Williams-Sonoma, we know you want to really enjoy every day. We want activities like cooking and shopping to fill you with satisfaction and happiness. That way, they’re something you look forward to doing. Cooking when you’re excited puts an extra spring in your step and adds amazing innovation and inspiration to your recipes. Friends are impressed by your home-cooked cuisine, your family is happy and you go to bed at night with a big smile on your face. One way to make your daily routine easy and invigorating at the same time is with Google Home.

Google Home is an advanced voice-activated speaker system with Google Assistant integrated. It weighs about 1 pound and is roughly 6 inches tall — nearly the same size as a tumbler glass — so it’s easy to fit pretty much anywhere. You can place it on the dining table, on a kitchen island, in the corner of the kitchen next to other appliances or on a bookshelf, just to name a couple of ideas.

With Google Home, you can enjoy high-resolution music while you cook. On the technical side, our Google Home system supports tons of formats, from MP3 to free lossless audio codec. From a practical and artistic standpoint, cooking, cleaning or just kicking back and relaxing while listening to music is highly recommended. A few benefits of chilling to your favorite artists while you work are less stress, a positive attitude and increased productivity, flexibility and creativity. This way, you get in the mood to experiment with new flavors or give the classics your own personal twist. In addition, dancing around the house definitely makes time pass more quickly.

Checking up on the latest news or weather report is totally hands-free with Google Home. That’s awesome if you like to stay up-to-date, and also saves you a lot of time in the morning. Trying to get into the habit of eating a healthy breakfast — either solo or with your family — before heading out to work in the morning? That’s a terrific idea since it gives you extra energy and improves everything from memory and concentration to stamina and emotional outlook. Getting breakfast ready doesn’t need to take long. With Google Home, you can multitask, such as listening to the news at the same time you’re flipping your omelet, for example.

Hosting a Super Bowl party? Google Home lets you stay a part of the action even when you’re attending to your guests. It doesn’t matter whether you’re mixing drinks, grilling mouthwatering steaks in the backyard or plating finger foods that you’re famous for. You can hear the play-by-play, keep up with every touchdown and celebrate along with everyone else. In fact, thanks to a wireless connection with other smart devices, you can even tell Google Home to turn up the volume on your TV or adjust the thermostat even with your hands full.

For cooking, Google Home is a huge help in many different ways. For one thing, it helps you organize cooking times, set alarms and leave yourself little reminders. That way you remember to turn down the heat on your beef bourguignon or add specific herbs right when they have the biggest effect. You can also ask Google Assistant any question you want. Forgot an important cooking technique for your recipe? It only takes a minute to brush up on what you’re seeking. The same thing goes for information about cooking times. The best part is that since everything is hands-free and voice-controlled, you can keep on cooking at the same time and stay cool as a cucumber. You can even have Google Home turn on your tablet and watch a video or your favorite cooking program that shows the way to carve a turkey or use a sushi knife.

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