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Electrics Chef’sChoice

At Williams-Sonoma, we know that spending time in the kitchen is exponentially more enjoyable when you have the proper cooks’ tools and cookware. That’s why we offer a range of electrics Chef’sChoice items to outfit your kitchen with the essentials you need to tackle any recipe. Chef’sChoice features high quality products typically made of stainless-steel to assist cooks from novices to professionals conquer kitchen tasks. This electric cookware enables you to whip up delicious breakfasts and keep your cutting tools sharp and at the ready. Electrics also reduce the amount of effort required when mixing or whipping up dishes, and smart technology helps to ensure thorough cooking and the best results every time.

Chef’sChoice breakfast electrics include egg cookers that help you serve up large breakfasts in no time. Cooking eggs exactly the way you like them has never been simpler or more foolproof. With these user-friendly machines, you can prepare up to seven eggs in any way your friends and family choose. You can cook everything from soft-cooked to hard-boiled eggs, all within the same batch. The electronic controls and timer ensure proper cooking and consistency for perfect results every time. Pair your egg cooker with other breakfast electrics such as waffle makers for a complete brunch arsenal for large events or special mornings with the family.

Conquer dessert and make it extra special by whipping up exquisite waffle cones using waffle cone makers from Chef’sChoice. These electrics produce crisp, buttery sugar cones in just two minutes so you can feed the hungry masses in no time. These machines make one 9-inch diameter waffle at a time, and the dial control lets you adjust the color from light to dark. The indicator light signals when baking is complete so you can remove the cone without worrying about overcooking or burning. The nonstick surface makes for easy release and cleanup so you can get straight to enjoying your sweet treats. These electrics even include recipe books so you can make new creations right at home in your kitchen.

Whether you’re a professional chef or cooking for a large cookout at home, Chef’sChoice meat slicers are the ideal tools for the job. Electric food slicers bring the precision and speed of delicatessen cooking right into your home. Enjoy fast, continuous slicing of breads, meats, cheese, vegetables and fruits at the push of a button. You can even adjust the slices from deli-thin to one inch thick, and slice directly onto a serving tray when creating appetizer plates for large gatherings. These electrics feature a high-quality stainless-steel serrated blade and powerful, cool-running high-torque motor for nonstop slicing. Each machine features stability for accurate slicing and proper safety when in use. A large-capacity food carriage retracts fully for slicing extra-large roasts, hams and other foods for holiday events.

Keep your kitchen cutting tools sharp with knife sharpeners from Chef’sChoice. If you’re purchasing a sharpener for a business or constant, long-term use, opt for a commercial slicer that is designed to handle heavy usage. These versatile sharpeners set a razor-sharp edge on any knife, including Santoku, straight-edged, serrated and single-bevel blades as well as cleavers and pocket knives. Some machines feature a third slot that holds a polishing disk to smooth and sharpen the edge. When choosing a sharpener, make sure to check compatibility for German and Asian knives as some sharpening electrics from Chef’sChoice are designed to be used with specific types.

Chef’sChoice electrics make great gifts for the chef or host in your life. With each product, you’ll give the gift of simplicity in the kitchen with products that are designed to make cooking a delight. These high quality electrics are right at home in professional kitchens and amateur homes.

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