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Take the boredom and drudgery out of preparing firm vegetables and fruits, including potatoes, zucchini, carrots and apples, with a Paderno Spiralizer available from Williams-Sonoma in an array of styles and sizes. Choose from stationary or handheld units with two, three or four blades that can slice, spiral cut, ribbon cut or angel hair cut, depending on the model. Like a good set of kitchen cutlery and a quality mandoline your spiralizer allows you many options in food preparation and presentation. If you’re cutting pasta out of your diet, you’ll love the option of using strands of zucchini or summer squash instead of flour-and-egg noodles. You can use the strands raw or sauté the zucchini for a minute in butter or olive oil for a super-quick plate of veggie spaghetti with your choice of sauce and other toppings.

Paderno is based in Italy, and the company has been praised for producing world-class cooking tools for more than 90 years. We also carry the innovative manual Paderno Juicer that lets you extract the goodness from healthy foods including leafy greens, pomegranate seeds and wheat grass even when you’re off grid or the power goes out. Paderno also makes great tools to add to your fillet knife collection if you’re an avid fisherman or you simply love fish and seafood. Italy is surrounded by the sea, and fish is a common food prepared and served in the country, so you can trust that Italian culinary toolmakers know how to create a durable, efficient fish-handling implement.

The Paderno Stainless-Steel Fish descaler has four serrated blades to make easy work of gently descaling fresh-caught fish, while the Paderno Stainless-Steel Fish Turner is perfectly sized to help your trout or redfish turn in a pan or on a grill gently. Tools hang near the grill or fish-cleaning station and are essential component of your grill equipment if fresh fish is often included on your camping or outdoor menu.

Be sure to have plenty of shucking tools on hand when you serve shellfish. Paderno’s Stainless-Steel Oyster Knife has just the right amount of blade to allow you to pry under tough shells without damaging the sweet meat inside. Made in Italy, the knife has a convenient hole in the curved handle so you can hang a few clean oyster knives close to the steamer to offer for any guest shuckers joining you for dinner. The oyster knife has a round finger guard between blade and handle and is dishwasher-safe, so it’s both more secure to use and easy to sanitize.

If you and your family or guests love fried food, especially French fries, use the Paderno Spiralizer to create curly fries from your favorite white, yellow and sweet potatoes. It’s easier and safer to turn out a plate full of curly fries than it is to make nearly any other kind of fries from your raw spuds. The uniform shape of the fry strands lets them evenly crisp up in the air fryer or deep fryer for that true short-order grill flavor. You can batter and season curly fries or pickle slices that you create with the spiralizer and fry them for a late-night snack. You’ll develop your own unique uses for your Paderno Spiralizer, and the tool is equally efficient and smooth whether you’re left-handed or right-handed.

Some cooks and chefs live to present their guests with dishes that delight all of the senses. Paderno tools can help you create amazing salads that are full of color, height and flavor. Mix angel-hair strands of yellow beets, crimson beets and carrots together for a bright veggie dish on a dreary day. The thin strands are easy for kids to eat, and they’re packed with flavor. Use the two, three or four blades in your Paderno Spiralizer system to make beautiful food and appetizing garnishes on your serving platters and salad bowls. You can also use the slicer to prep veggies and fruits for the dehydrator or for holiday pies.

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