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KitchenAid Accessories Bring Out The Best in Your Cooking

KitchenAid is beloved by nearly all for a reason. This line of countertop and major kitchen appliances can help you accomplish almost anything you want in the kitchen. Toss in a range of incredible finishes, ranging from stainless steel to bold enamel brights, and you know what you need to do -- get yourself all the KitchenAid accessories.

What Are KitchenAid Accessories?

KitchenAid accessories are the companions to your appliances.

  • Accessories are made especially for appliances, so you know they'll work perfectly.
  • Accessories let you play with specialty gadgets without loading your kitchen up with single-use tools. Everything works in service of your stand mixer or other appliance.
  • If you're feeling fresh, get as much as you can in the same color for a perfectly pulled-together kitchen.
  • By getting to know the different accessories and attachments available to you, you'll expand your working kitchen knowledge. Your meals are bound to benefit from that.

All Hail The KitchenAid Spiralizer

The spiralizer has officially hit that sweet spot between cult-status gadget and must-have kitchen essential. KitchenAid makes a spiralizer attachment -- and a thin-blade set -- that lets you get in on the curlicue action.

  • Revolutionize how you make French fries at home. A stronger spiralizer makes short work of perfect potatoes. Play with spice rubs and blends to get that perfect, tangy curly fry taste.
  • Cut carbs by replacing pasta either in full or half portions with zucchini noodles. Place other veggie noddles directly on top of entree dishes.
  • The thin-blade set goes narrow or broad for sliver-thin slicing. Pickled ginger garnishes or razor-thin cucumber salad is now available on the side for everything from sushi to sandwiches.

Picking Out New Mixer Bowls

An easy way to start your accessories collection is with mixing bowls. They're versatile and easy to clean, plus they let you get into all sorts of baking refinements.

  • Choose glass bowls to maximize your bread-making skills. The clear walls let you monitor your dough's rise after mixing, all in one bowl.
  • A set with glass bowl and tools onboards you to the world of accessories in one set. Mixing tools help with everything from cupcakes to multi-layer occasion cakes.
  • A bowl with a handle makes it much easier to pour, stabilize the bowl generally and clean it afterward.

The Right Tools for The Job

Make sure you have all the cooks tools you need, too. KitchenAid isn't limited to just accessories for their appliances. They also make stainless and copper tool sets that include all you need for an amazing kitchen.

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