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Savor Every Drop of Wine with Coravin

Once you develop a passion for the rich world of wine, you want to taste everything. It's possible to enjoy a wide variety of varietals, even within a short period, when you have a superlative wine preservation system, like the ones from Coravin. Drink just a glass and savor it without concerns for compromising the bottle as a whole.

What Is Coravin?

Coravin is a system of wine preservation tools available at Williams Sonoma.

  • A needle kit lets you pour just the amount you want while preserving a cork for self-healing after the pour.
  • Needle machines let you pour without ever opening the bottle, too, only faster than when you use manual needles.  An even finer needle creates an opening, immediately filled with argon gas to preserve wine from oxidation.
  • Versions of the system include easy-clamp models or handheld units that clamp atop the bottle itself.

Preserving Important Bottles of Wine

Wine, once a bottle is opened, becomes exposed to oxygen. Using a wine preservation system stops oxidation from changing the flavor profile of a significant bottle of wine.

  • With some bottles increasing in value or becoming rarer with time, being able to enjoy a glass or even a mouthful at a time lets you keep the bottle for longer.
  • Special wines become a special treat made even more satisfying by knowing you'll have more for later.
  • Those that benefit from a little oxidation to bring out their full flavor can still aerate when you use the appropriate stemware for the wine.

Drink What You Want When You Want It

Some days call for a full-bodied red. Others require a crisp white. With these tools, you can enjoy the wine you feel like drinking when you feel like drinking it.

  • A glass a day won't compromise the bottle. Enjoy a bottle across the space of a week and the Sunday night sip will taste the same as the Thursday night glass.
  • Get together with a friend or relax with your partner and enjoy what you want at home.
  • Different tastes become something to celebrate when you can each preserve what you don't drink from your favorite.

Hosting A Wine Tasting at Home

Invite a couple of friends over to taste a new range of wines. You can serve everyone a tasting amount from several different bottles and all of them will still be available to enjoy for a new group of friends or at a dinner later in the week.

Coravin revolutionizes your ability to enjoy the wine you want at the pace you choose with or without others.

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