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Thermometer Base Station

Sleek stainless-steel thermometer base with bright LCD touch screen displays food's current temperature and accurately predicts cooking time remaining using patented anticipation technology. The rechargeable base connects to our mobile app via your home's Wi-Fi network.

Leave-In Temperature Probe

Probe remains in the roasting food to continuously monitor its precise internal temperature. A heat-resistant cable sends the data from the probe to the thermometer base, which rests on the countertop outside the oven. To ensure the most accurate reading, the app shows you exactly where to place the probe in the type of food you're roasting.

App for Mobile Devices

All-new apps for Android or iOS smartphones and tablets pair with thermometer to keep you updated on cooking progress anywhere within your Wi-Fi network. Plus, you can use the app to create timers and alerts so your entire meal is perfectly cooked and ready to serve at the same time.

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Re-engineered for improved performance, speed and Wi-Fi reception, our
next-generation smart thermometer with app synchronizes the flow of food prep and
side dishes with the progress of your main dish, guiding you step by step.

Download App from iTunes > Download App from Google Play >


Use our redesigned apps for the Smart Thermometer 2 with either Android or iOS smartphones and tablets. Downloadable in the Apple App and Google Play stores, the app is designed for use with Android 4.0 or later and iOS 7.0 or later.


The Smart Thermometer 2 employs enhanced anticipation technology to continuously calculate and predict the exact time remaining until your food hits its selected target internal temperature or chosen doneness level, from rare to well-done.


Superior Wi-Fi technology with enhanced reception and range enables great features like cloud sharing and storage for access on multiple devices. Wi-Fi signal-strength and battery-capacity icons on the thermometer base help you monitor connectivity and when to recharge.


Choose from preprogrammed settings for different types of food and select your ideal doneness from rare to well-done—the app knows and sets its target final temperature. You can also select manual temperature settings.


The thermometer provides ongoing finish time estimates and displays them on its LCD screen. The app also receives these updates and alerts you when the finish time is getting close.


A key to juicy meat and poultry is letting it rest at room temperature after roasting and before carving. The app alerts you to this important step and then automatically starts a resting timer.


Use the app to set timers to help you track cooking times for multiple dishes, from entree to side dishes to dessert. Set as many as you need. Two? Ten? Whatever you want.


The app helps you plan the sequence of your entire meal. Schedule alerts to start side dishes and other tasks so your whole meal is ready at the same time. The app even updates your alerts based on changes in the meat's estimated finish time.


The app can store all of your cooking history for future reference anytime you like. Review notes and helpful details such as how long your turkey took to roast last Thanksgiving or how you seasoned a pot roast last week.


Connect to the smart thermometer on your home’s Wi-Fi network using our redesigned Android or iOS apps. Go anywhere your Wi-Fi reaches and monitor what’s in the oven.


Connect as many Android or Apple mobile devices to your thermometer as you want—so you and your family can access cooking information no matter which device you're using.


Use the app to take and share pictures and notes with your friends on Facebook and Twitter—and enjoy having virtually everyone in the kitchen with you.

How to Use

Adding the smart thermometer and app to your meal prep and
cooking process is like having a chef in the kitchen with you—guiding you to a perfectly cooked meal.

Download App from iTunes > Download App from Google Play >

It’s easy to incorporate the smart thermometer and app into your cooking routine. Here’s how:

Charge It Up

Before using the thermometer, follow the Quick Start Guide and charge it for 3 hours using the included micro-USB cable and adapter.

Download the App

Download the Williams Sonoma Smart Thermometer 2 app from Apple App or Google Play stores.

Follow the Setup Steps

Let the app guide you through first-time setup, connecting to Wi-Fi and reviewing the thermometer's great features. Then you're ready to roast!

Prep & Preheat

Prep your food and preheat oven. Arrange meat or poultry in a roasting pan. Turn the thermometer on and open the app on your mobile device.

Select Food Type

Use the app screen to select your food type and doneness preference and the app will automatically assign a target finish temperature.

View the Placement Guide

Tap the probe placement icon on the app screen to get guidance on where you should position the probe to obtain the most accurate temperature readings.

Position the Probe

Place the temperature probe in your food. Unplug the cord from the base for easy oven transfer.

Transfer to the Oven

Place the pan in the oven. Extend the cord out the oven door and plug it into the thermometer base on your countertop.

Know the Finish Time

Use the app to monitor your food’s internal temperature and estimated time remaining from anywhere within your home's Wi-Fi range.