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Breathe new life into your desserts when you use Zoku kitchen tools. Williams-Sonoma carries a variety of Zoku kitchen tools that turn ordinary, drab desserts into fun and exciting culinary adventures. Whether you want to make your own decadent ice cream or would rather have a healthy ice pop made of fruit juice, there is a Zoku kitchen tool for you. We even carry special tools that make frozen and iced drinks as well as ice sphere molds that let you freeze large blocks of water to add to your favorite cocktail mixes.

Instead of going out for ice cream after dinner, entertain guests in your own home using the ice cream maker from Zoku. This kitchen tool lets you whip up a batch of soft-serve without even plugging it in. All you have to do is keep the stainless-steel bowl in the freezer to make sure it is cold enough before inserting it in the base. Add an ice cream mixture to the bowl, and then stir it around with half-and-half and heavy cream. Pretty soon this mixture starts to become your very own ice cream. When it is in the bowl, go ahead and add other additions, such as cookies, candy or even pieces of pie, to create your own concoctions. Keep multiples of this device on hand for a fascinating way to entertain everyone in the family.

When it comes to making ice pops for dessert, Zoku has every corner covered. The company offers several molds in several fun and wacky shapes. Find a set that includes walrus and penguin shapes for a freezing Arctic experience. The dino-pop molds are fun for little ones who are infatuated with the massive reptiles they see in movies and cartoons. Fish-pop molds go well on hot summer days by the pool, while classic-pop molds work for just about any occasion. Fill these molds with fresh juice you squeeze out of your home juicer, and then place the molds in the freezer until the treats are ready to serve.

If you do not have enough time to wait around for your pops to freeze in the freezer, Zoku even offers a pop maker that does all of the work in as little as seven minutes. This device includes a stainless-steel part that goes into the freezer, and when you are ready to make the pops, all you do is take it out, put it in the container, add the liquid, and then insert the special pop sticks. The nonstick surface of the stainless-steel helps the pops to freeze fast, while it also makes cleaning up a breeze.

Give yourself a jolt in the morning or any time you need it with the iced coffee maker. This device uses the same stainless-steel technology as other Zoku products, chilling hot drip coffee or an espresso drink until it is ice cold. Because the device doesn’t use any actual ice, your drink never becomes watered down. Zoku also has a slushie and shake maker that freezes up juice, milk or any other liquid into a fun, frozen beverage.

While Zoku specializes in items for desserts, it is no stranger to the after-dinner cocktail. A sphere mold creates a thick block of ice that you can place into an old-fashioned glass to enjoy sipping on your favorite scotch or bourbon after putting the kids to bed. This type of ice does not dilute the drink, making sure that you experience every flavor profile instead of a watered-down final product. These balls of ice can also go in large pitchers of iced tea or fruit punch to keep the drink cold for hours on end.

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