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Smart Tech Tools

When it comes to video, audio, taking pictures and phone calls, you most likely use the latest and most advanced technology every day. You probably have your email, camera, texting and social media all on your smartphone or tablet, and you keep up with your busy life while you’re on the go. Maybe you’ve thought once or twice that it would be wonderful to bring some of this smart technology into the kitchen, to make preparing food and meals just a little more easily. With the advent of smart kitchen tools from Williams-Sonoma, now you can. From a Bluetooth thermometer that helps you keep track of temperatures even when you’re not in the room, to tablet protectors that keep greasy food and dirt from harming your tablet, there are a number of ways to use smart technology to upgrade your cooking.

When you’re cooking a large meal for a lot of people, it can be tough to keep track of a large bird or roast after you’ve put it in the baking dish to cook. Regular meat thermometers work well, but you can’t always see their readings through your oven door, so it still takes precious moments out of your cooking time to check on your meal – when you could be doing something else, like preparing a side dish. Consider using a smart Bluetooth thermometer that lets you know the internal temperature of your food, even if you’re in another part of the house. The temperature displays on a large digital screen that’s easy to see, you can pair this type of thermometer with nearly any smartphone or tablet that has an iOS or Android operating system. Simply pair the thermometer with your device, and you can keep track of not only one dish, but multiple dishes while cooking. Not just for your Thanksgiving or Christmas feast, a handy gadget like this works well for both indoor and outdoor cooking. You can even keep track of your barbecue ribs while you play host at your pool party.

Beyond thermometers, there are a few other gadgets to streamline your kitchen. While you can use Google Home for a number of tasks, a device such as this is particularly useful while you’re in the kitchen, as you can tell it to play some of your favorite tunes from Pandora or YouTube, or you can have it look up a recipe for you. You can also ask it certain questions related to your cooking, such as what to substitute for cornstarch, how to cook a hardboiled egg or how to make baby food. It also connects and integrates with multiple devices, such as your smartphone or tablet, so you’re able to use it even when you’re not in the kitchen, for other entertainment and useful purposes.

It would certainly be wonderful to quickly and easily make a cup of espresso, so it’s a worthwhile idea to look for a smart espresso maker that’s just as smart as your phone. Look for a model that can save your preferred brewing settings, allowing you to wake up in the morning and brew a cup of Joe with the push of just one button. In addition, the right machine can also program coffee and espresso preferences for your entire household, so if you like a lot of froth and your spouse does not, you can simply switch profiles on the machine. Another gadget you may find helpful in the kitchen is an iPad or tablet protector. It’s so easy to look up recipes online these days, it just makes sense to have an extra-strong protector on your device in case of splashes or spills.