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Chocolate Tools

Be the chocolatier you’ve always dreamed of becoming with professional-style tools from the collection we have at Williams-Sonoma. Every pastry chef learns that tempering the chocolate is one of the most important skills to master. Chocolate is tempered before you melt it so it has a creamy, cohesive texture. The cocoa butter crystals need to be mixed perfectly. If you try to heat chocolate pieces or chips too quickly, then let the pot cool, the fats and crystals separate. One of our double boilers or bain-marie set gives you more control of the melted chocolate. All you do is add bits of chocolate to cool the melted portion while you keep the mixture moving and slightly warm. In this way, you “re-temper” the chocolate.

Order chocolate tools including a good candy thermometer and a sturdy whisk to handle the chocolate in your double boiler. Continue stirring the melted chocolate to prevent any overheating or scorching. Each type of chocolate has a separate melting point around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the precise temperatures you should reach when tempering chocolate are determined by the chocolatier. Some people prefer to melt small batches of chocolate in the microwave. A candy thermometer, whisk and microwave-safe bowl help with microwave tempering too.

Make a simple ganache by heating heavy cream and adding chocolate pieces to the warm cream slowly in your stand mixer bowl. You let the cream help temper the chocolate so it’s glossy and just the right consistency to coat candies, fruits and other confections. We offer high-quality stand mixers and hand mixers for large and small batches to help you create works of art on your kitchen countertop. Mixing attachments including the beater and wire whip make short work of preparing molten chocolate cake and other batters. If you create duplicate candies, order sets of glass mixing bowls in a variety of sizes to have your mise en place all set up and ready for chocolate action.

Our silicone cookie sheet liners and parchment paper sheets are chocolate tools that save you and your kitchen from drips and messes. Silicone and parchment also allow your chocolate creations to pull away easily from a pan’s surface. If you create chocolate pastries, a wooden or marble pastry board will help immensely whether you’re rolling or cutting out dough shapes. Shop our baking tools collection to find uniquely shaped and themed cookie and pastry cutters. A pastry tool set which includes a pastry cutter and crimpers is indispensable when creating your own candy and fondant designs.

Stock up on other chocolate decorating kits that include pastry bags, icing dispensers and a wide array of decorator tips. Create blooms and borders in elegant and fun shapes, and make perfect scallops on tortes and layer cakes with our tips and pastry bags. If cupcakes are your chocolate specialty, order seasonal cupcake kits that include colorful cupcake pan liners and matching toppers. Fondant cutters can be used for pastry and chocolate sheets as well as for cake decorations. With our decorating tools and sets, you’ll be the one bringing amazing chocolate treats to every party.

To make the most mouthwatering brownie, candy and mousse, the most important chocolate tools you need are top ingredients. Our gourmet cocoa and sweet ground chocolate take your desserts and confections to an entirely new level. Make sure you’ve got plenty of vanilla extract on hand from our globally sourced collection. If you create mocha treats, our espresso powder adds a kick of coffee goodness without diluting your recipes. When even a drop of water can decrystalize tempered chocolate, use powdered flavorings to keep your chocolate smooth and delicious. We also offer baking mixes in standard and gluten-free formulations so you can add brownies, cupcakes, quick bread, ice cream and more to your chocolate feasts. It’s a perfectly acceptable way to learn since practicing with mixes helps you discover the textures, temperatures and methods used to make the tastiest chocolate treats.

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