18 Inch Wreath

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    Zinnias are a gardener's favorite – their depth of color, strong stem and quick-growing nature make them a bright, reliable addition to flower gardens. Our hand-arranged wreath highlights their unique beauty in a range of sunny hues. Paired with other dried flowers and herbs, including fragrant lavender and savory, this is a gorgeous wreath for any season. Botanicals include dried zinnias, dried savory, dried statice, dried lavender, dried gypsophila and salal leaves Botanicals are grown without pesticides or herbicides. Some materials may be substituted due to seasonality of plants. For decorative use only. Protect from weather.
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    Bursting with the colors of a California garden, our wreath is handcrafted from clusters of sunny strawflowers, yellow and ocean-blue statice, pink larkspur and orange safflowers, and accented with silvery-green sage leaves. The dried, natural botanicals will remain in full bloom for up to one year. Handcrafted from dried, California-grown safflowers, strawflowers, statice, sage and larkspur on natural twig base. All botanicals are grown without herbicides or pesticides. For indoor or outdoor display; protect from elements if used outdoors. With proper care, this wreath will last for 6–12 months. Made in USA.
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    Our wreath brightens your day with bright yellow faux lemons tucked into a backdrop of fresh green salal leaves. Created for us by a family-owned farm near the California coast, the lemon wreath will hold its beauty through the entire winter season. Handcrafted from fresh salal leaves, faux lemons, air-dried savory and ammobium. All botanicals are grown without herbicides or pesticides. For decorative use only. Protect from weather. Made in USA.
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    Rich with the fiery hues of a dramatic sunset, our handmade wreath brings Southwestern warmth to your home—with the added bonus of natural ingredients for cooking. Dried red chilies and orange safflowers deliver bold strokes of color amidst a bed of fragrant dried herbs including marjoram, sage, savory and bay leaves. Artisans bundle the hand-harvested plants to create each unique wreath. The chiles de arbol and herbs will continue to dry naturally and can be used for cooking throughout the year. Orange safflowers are not intended for culinary use. All botanicals are grown without herbicides or pesticides. Protect from weather.
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    A walk through the local farmer's market inspired this wreath, which abounds in clusters of aromatic herbs. Marjoram, lavender and sage are naturally air-dried and intermingled with yellow tansy, silvery-gray artemisia and orange safflower. Dried red chili peppers and heads of garlic add the finishing touch to this handmade arrangement. Protect from weather. 22" diam. For decorative use only.