New Garden Supplies

Gardening is one of those activities where the journey is just as enjoyable as the destination. Reclining in a soft chaise with a glass of lemonade in your hand and taking in the colors of your garden is extremely refreshing. Adding fresh herbs and crunchy organic veggies to your cooking is also a delicious highlight. But there’s something supremely satisfying about the process of nurturing those plants to maturity too. Seeing the fruits of your labor is an extra treat. At Williams-Sonoma, we know you want to enjoy a flavorful edible garden with abundant harvests and healthy plants. Our new garden supplies make the whole process easy and give you lots of options to choose from so your favorite hobby adapts to the rest of your schedule. Here are a few tools and accessories that are a big help for gardening both indoors and out.

High-quality garden hoses go beyond the traditional rubber hose twisting and turning all around the backyard. Of course, gardening is a pretty laidback activity, so feel free to use whatever tools you’re comfortable with. If something makes your life easier, then it’s awesome for your home garden. Many hoses tailored to gardening feature coils that let you reach the furthest plants easily, and then pop back into a neat roll when you’re done. That’s great both for the practical and aesthetic sides of outdoor landscaping. In fact, some homes even integrate with covered clay or metal pots so they stay totally out of sight when not in use.

Is it better to water plants using a garden hose or a watering can? That’s a common question among gardeners and really comes down to your personal preferences and the specific type of plants you cultivate in your edible garden. The main difference between a hose and a watering can is the water pressure. Watering cans gently sprinkle and spread water in a round area of earth. That way delicate plants aren’t damaged by an accidental strong jet of water. Watering cans let water sink down deeply into the soil, and not just the top layer.

The advantage of a garden hose is that it cuts down the amount of walking and bending over you do. It’s really nice to be able to stand – or even sit down – in whatever position you’re most comfortable in. How can you get around the high pressure issue and narrow area of a garden hose? There are a couple of ways. Some gardeners like to use their thumb to divide water coming out of the hose into a wide shower of water. Another – and often gentler – option is to use a watering wand at the end of the hose. Watering wands are adjustable and combine the best parts of watering cans and hoses in one.

Some plants really like humidity. This is especially true for herbs that come from tropical climates. They’re used to a wetter environment. At the same time, you don’t want soil to be too wet since that can have a negative effect on roots. That’s where a mister comes in. Moisture-loving plants are very happy with a gentle mist from time to time. The idea is to coat their leaves with little droplets. Knowing the recommended moisture levels for different herbs and other edibles isn’t difficult. A little investigation nets you wonderful results.

When it comes to potting and soil, there are a couple different tools that are very helpful. A gardening fork is great for removing weeds and aerating soil. Loose soil is good for plants because it lets water reach their entire root system quickly, but also drain off so they stay healthy. Each type of plant has different soil needs – some like a little sand mixed in or even a layer of stones underneath – depending on whether they prefer wet or dry conditions. Trowels let you mix in additional soil or fresh compost carefully. Soil scoops – also called potting scoops – are a big help for planting new seeds and transplanting seedlings. Their round shape lets you reach the exact soil depth you’re looking for without harming plants.