New Garden Tools & Garden Decor for 2019

Upgrading your backyard is simple with new garden tools & garden decor for 2019 from Williams Sonoma. Whether you've recently taken up gardening as a hobby or need to improve your existing gardening toolkit, these top outdoor items will help you to tackle any outdoor job. Shop new garden tools & garden decor for 2019 and enjoy your upgraded outdoor living spaces.

New Garden Tools for 2019

Gardening and lawn maintenance are tough jobs, especially when the sun is beating down. These top garden tools for 2019 have different features to make outdoor work much simpler, so you can spend more time lounging with a cold drink and admiring your handiwork.

  • Raised planter beds are perfect for backyard or balcony gardening projects. The raised design lets you tend to plants and flowers comfortably - no bending or kneeling required.
  • A planter trellis fits snugly into your raised planter boxes for growing vine plants like tomatoes and cucumbers.
  • There are also greenhouse covers built to perfectly cover raised planters with trellises. These durable covers protect your plants when the weather's bad and also give seed starters and saplings a better chance at growth.
  • For the busy gardener, smart gardens are key. These innovative planters monitor your herbs and small plants to ensure they always have the proper amount of light, water and nutrients.
  • Classic garden tools like hand weeders, garden hoes and garden gloves are essential when planting seeds and saplings.
  • Useful and stylish Sophie Conran garden tools are a top choice for 2019 as they are specially designed to provide proper balance and fit for female hands.

New Garden Decor for 2019

To create a garden space that's as beautiful as it can be, plant a wide selection of fresh flowers, herbs and vegetables in planters and garden beds. Finishing touches, like decorative plant pots and hanging wreaths, ensure your garden stands out and becomes a space you'll love to enjoy. Give your outdoor space a decorative boost with these top garden decor items for 2019.

  • Live wreaths featuring fresh hydrangeas, lavender, olive leaves, succulents and more make a lovely and fragrant addition to a garden gate, back door or backyard fence.
  • To really personalize your outdoor space, use monogram wreaths instead of regular rings. These moss-covered letters can be used to spell out a family name, family initials or even a welcoming phrase.
  • Decorative plant pots add charm to balconies, decks and front porches and can also be used indoors. 2019's top choice is a classic ceramic pot in antique white.
  • To get the most out of your garden's harvest, pick up a few clear beehive jars to fill with homemade jam, salsa or preserves. These decorative jars are perfect for home use or gift-giving as they feature an airtight seal and are freezer safe.

Improve your outdoor living spaces with the top new garden tools & garden decor for 2019 from Williams Sonoma. With stylish and functional planters and garden tools, you can easily transform your basic backyard into a picture-perfect field of flowers and vegetables. Finish the look with the best in garden decor for 2019 then enjoy a relaxing afternoon admiring your garden.