DIY Drinks

Be your own mixologist and craft your drinks at home. Perfect for beginners, our DIY kits feature everything you need to brew beer, mead, kombucha, hard cider or bitters in your own kitchen.

A fermented beverage made with malted grains, water and yeast flavored with hops, beer can be crafted at home in a variety of flavors and in different ranges of bitterness. Amber ales tend to be on the milder side, while pale ales and wheat beers are stronger tasting. You can experiment with different hops to create your perfect brew, or start by brewing an IPA with our easy DIY kit.

Bitters are made by distilling fruits (primarily citrus), herbs, roots and spices into a concentrated liquid that adds a kick to cocktails. A few drops of bitters add complexity and a depth to a variety of drinks, from martinis to old-fashioneds. The flavors work particularly well in drinks made with vodka, gin, whiskey, bourbon and rye. You can also add a small amount of bitters to sparkling water for a natural digestive aid.

Mead, also called honey wine, is an alcoholic beverage produced by fermenting honey and water or by brewing a solution of water and honey with grain mash, which is strained out after brewing. Mead can be flavored with spices, fruit or hops, which produce a bitter, beer-like flavor, and can be dry, semi-sweet or sweet depending on the honey and your flavorings.

Kombucha is a fermented tea-based beverage often consumed to aid digestion and support overall health. It is made by mixing a culture of bacteria and yeast into sweetened tea and then letting it ferment for a week or more. It has a pleasantly tart flavor that can be built upon by adding other ingredients like fruit, flavored tea and honey.

Hard cider is an alcoholic drink made from apple juice fermented with yeast and sugar (there is also apple cider—raw, unfiltered, unfermented apple juice, which is nonalcoholic). Flavors can range from dry to sweet and can vary depending on the apples you use. Ciders made at home typically must ferment for a month before they're ready. A faster alternative is our DIY kit, which yields a batch of hard cider in ten days.

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