An air fryer is an innovative countertop appliance that uses hot air flow, of temperatures ranging from 180° to 390°F (82° to 199°C), to quickly cook delicious, crisp food. Using little or no oil, it cooks food that is crisp on the outside and tender on the insider, including such favorites as French fries, pizza and chicken wings.

Here are the basics for using your air fryer.

1. Set the air fryer on a heat-resistant work surface, or place a thick trivet between the appliance and the surface, before plugging the unit into a wall outlet. Press the power button on, set the temperature using the up/down arrows and press the start button. Allow at least 3 minutes for preheating.

2. Remove the cooking basket from the fryer, add the food and slide the basket back into the air fryer. Unless the recipe directs otherwise, check the food halfway through the cooking time to ensure it is cooking evenly. When the food is done, remove the food with tongs or a long-handled spatula. The cooking accessories will be very hot, and opening the appliance may release hot steam.
For optimal results, don’t overfill the cooking basket (some baskets have a “max” line to indicate the maximum capacity), and always cook food in a single layer. When cooking foods with a higher fat content, such as skin-on chicken pieces, occasionally remove the cooking basket and drain the excess fat from the bottom of the air fryer. Finally, the air fryer should be cleaned after each use to remove the oil and prevent smoke from building up the next time you use it. After the air fryer cools completely, wipe the outside of the unit with a moist cloth. Remove the cooking accessory and set aside. Thoroughly clean the interior of the appliance with hot, soapy water and a nonabrasive sponge, then let dry completely before storing. All of the accessories are dishwasher safe.