Starlight and Starbright

Chicago bartender Julia Momose a Williams Sonoma Chefs’ Collective member and Food and Wine magazine’s Best New Mixologist of 2016, is equally enthusiastic about traditional cocktails and those without any alcohol, which she likes to call “spiritfree.” “There is something lighthearted and intentional about the name ‘spiritfree,’” she says. “I do not want to serve, nor do I want to be served, a mockup of a beverage or an attempt at a cocktail. I want a proper drink! Something made with care and thoughtfulness, that takes into account the ingredients, balance, technique and, most of all, the person for whom the beverage is made.” In this pair of drinks with a savory twist, you can have it either way. The Starlight is a spiritfree drink, while the Starbright is made from the same ingredients but with the addition of your spirit of choice. If you’re serving a crowd, prepare a large batch of the Starlight base in a carafe so you can easily assemble either drink for guests, as they prefer.