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Swiss Diamond Cookware

What began as a scientific research company has evolved into the development of durable cookware with a patented diamond crystal composite. The Swiss Diamond Cookware we have available at Williams-Sonoma has features like tempered glass lids, cast-aluminum construction for even heat distribution and perfluorooctanoic acid-free nonstick coating to keep foods from sticking. Careful research defined the qualities necessary for the cookware, like the durable stock pots. Stews and soups are cooked evenly, and you don’t have to worry that your food will stick to the pan. Roasting pans are ideal for roasting a turkey, eye of round roast or ham. With handles on both sides and a rack that lifts out of the pan, it makes it easy to lift larger pieces of meat for carving.

Juices saved in the bottom of the roasters can make a delicious gravy. Add a little flour and some seasonings to stir up gravy for turkey or a pot roast. Mix brown sugar and pineapple juice to coat a ham. To ensure meat is cooked to the right temperature, a thermometer is necessary and will do the work for you. Insert the thermometer into the meat for an accurate digital reading. The United States Department of Agriculture sets minimum safety standards depending on what you are cooking. A thermometer is essential to be certain the meat is properly cooked.

For accurate measuring, we have measuring cups and spoons in many varieties. Nesting cups and spoons can be stacked so are great for storage. Stainless-steel and copper cups are attractive enough to stay out on the counter and functional enough to be used on a regular basis. Keep them nearby for baking cakes or pies when measuring is crucial. Measuring is important in cooking, especially baking, when you want to follow a recipe completely.

Baking dishes and ovenware with fluted edges are most suited for pie crusts. The fluted pans turn a chicken pot pie, a quiche or an apple pie into a work of art. Square, rectangular, heart-shaped and apple-shaped are a few of the types available from us for you to use. The different shapes allow you to be creative for special occasions or holidays. The finished product, your cooking masterpiece, makes a superb presentation. Stoneware and ceramic pans are strong and sturdy for casseroles, like baked broccoli and cheese or scalloped potatoes. Shallow and deep dish options are available too. Depending on the amount and type of baking and cooking you do, having several ovenware items in your kitchen makes meal prep easier.

For stove top cooking, choose frying pans and skillets that will last through lots of cooking since these are probably the most used pots or pans. Cast-iron is exceptionally strong and can release a little iron into the food for an added health benefit. Cast-iron outlasts almost any kind of pan because it is so durable. Nonstick frying pans and skillets are easy to use for just about anything you are cooking, whether it’s an egg white omelet, fresh green beans or maple bacon. They come in different sizes to fit the stove burner and for the right amount of food you are cooking. Because food does not stick to the pan, doing the dishes is a breeze.

Use a splatter screen to keep grease from spewing out of the frying pan and to keep moisture inside. Steaming vegetables is simple when using a mesh splatter screen that fits on top of the frying pan and has a handle that is convenient to use. The screens make cleaning up much easier, so you can spend more time cooking, eating and entertaining with less time cleaning up.

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