Top-Rated Agrarian and Garden Supplies

At Williams-Sonoma, we know the right tools and information make gardening easier and increase the yields of your harvests. That’s why we offer top-rated agrarian and garden supplies so you can grow exquisite plants from fruits and vegetables to florals and trees. Welcome guests to your home by adorning the front door with stunning wreaths that smell as good as they look. Herb wreaths combine a medley of botanicals, including blue lavender, purple Mexican sage, creamy achilla of the pearl, golden yarrow and orange safflowers. Spice up the fall with a grain wreath arrangement featuring flax, red broom corn, spray millet, avena, beardless green wheat, black sorghum, bearded blond wheat and Highlander millet.

Our range of raised garden beds and planters are designed to fit any space so you can grow striking gardens no matter where you live. If your space is small or you’re adding planters to a balcony or front porch, vertical gardens increase plots without taking up much floor space. Raised gardens also have the benefit of warmer soil when compared with in-ground beds so you can start the growing season earlier. Line these beds with cloth to prevent weeds or add wiring underneath to keep rodents out of your garden without having to dig up a lot of dirt.

For small and large spaces, pots and planters add instant decor while creating ideal growing conditions for a variety of plants. Pots are particularly useful for plants, such as mint and strawberries, which tend to be invasive when combined with other plants in traditional garden beds. Add a small pot to your kitchen window to grow herbs, such as basil and oregano, for easy harvesting to add to your favorite recipes. Planters can be used up against a wall alongside the house or out in the garden as decor to suit your preferences.

Take your culinary and agrarian skills to the next level with canning and preserving tools that allow you to create homemade jams and pickled vegetables. Opt for an electric canning machine to take the hard work out of the process or use a large pot and double boiler to stick to tradition. Our canning jars come in a variety of shapes including cylindrical, tapered and straight that all look stunning when displayed in the pantry. Copper lids add a touch of shimmer while wooden lids create a rustic vibe. Whatever style you choose, our jars are designed for the long haul and can be reused again after a quick rinse in the dishwasher.

No gardener can tackle the yard without the proper garden tools and supplies. Trowels and shovels are useful when starting a garden from scratch and can be used to dig plots as well as to transfer seedlings. If your soil is rough, use a sieve to remove rocks and clumps to increase oxygen and air flow for maximum growth. It’s always good to have a weeder on hand to remove any stubborn intruders, such as dandelions. Make harvest time a breeze with a trug or basket to hold the fruits of your labor.

Our top-rated agrarian do-it-yourself kits help you make homemade cheese, mead, beer kombucha and even cider. Making cheese is a breeze and doesn’t require any fancy tools. Each kit comes complete with instructions and recipes so you can achieve success whether you’re a seasoned professional or a novice chef. If you have your own beehive in your garden, add fresh honey to kombucha or mead to create flavors unique to your own garden. These DIY kits make excellent gifts and inspire your loved ones to add a personal touch to traditional crafts.