Best Gardening Tools for Planting, Harvesting and Preserving

To let your green thumb grow, you need to have the right tools for the job. Williams Sonoma carries an array of gardening supplies for all stages of the growing season, from planting and tending to your garden to harvesting and preserving the fruits and vegetables of your labor. Our best garden store features a collection of gardening tools and accessories with great customer reviews. Here is an overview of some of the excellent gardening supplies you'll find among this selection of top-rated products.

Growing Season Essentials

Before getting started on growing season, you have to have a place to grow in. Raised garden beds are one of the best gardening tools for planting and growing a plethora of different herbs and vegetables. They allow for intensive gardening at a more comfortable height, so that you don't have to do as much bending. We also carry other unique raised planters for all of your gardening needs, as well as gardening essentials such as potting scoops, pruners, hoses and jute twine. For when it's time to harvest your carefully tended crop, you'll find handy storage baskets to keep them fresh.

Accessories for Canning, Juicing and More

The best gardening tools aren't limited to tools for the garden but also include accessories that will help you process your produce. If you grow a copious amount of fruits and vegetables and would like to preserve them, then canning is always a great choice. We carry all sorts of canning supplies, including waterbath canners, canning funnels and canning jars. When choosing your jars, consider features such as a rubber ring and stainless steel clamps for an airtight seal and stackability for easy storage. Canning jars come in many different shapes, sizes and styles to suit your needs and preferences.

If you enjoy juicing the fresh fruits and vegetables you grow in your garden, then pick up some juice jars so that you can easily keep all of your favorite homemade juices in the fridge. Process fresh tomatoes for soups and sauces with a tomato press and try your hand at making jams and jellies with the help of a specialized jam pan. Transform your produce into many other delicacies and sauces with one of our do-it-yourself kits.

Potted Trees and Garden Beautification

Fruit trees are an easy way to add some greenery to your garden or inside your home. They will bloom beautiful flowers and provide you delicious produce to can, juice or just eat straight off the branch. Williams Sonoma carries potted trees that arrive ready for transplanting outside in your garden or into a planter. For outside planting, make sure you choose trees that will thrive in your growing zone. You can also add an extra burst of color to your indoor or outdoor garden with a beautiful wreath made out of dried flowers and herbs.

If you're looking for quality tools and supplies from some of the best garden brands, then start with the selection of best gardening tools at Williams Sonoma. Find products you know you can trust to help make both your work in the garden and the processing of your harvest easier and more enjoyable.