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Garden Beekeeping

Raising bees has a variety of benefits. Not only will you enjoy the fruits of your labors with pure raw honey but you can also feel good about providing assistance to those important pollinators that are so vital for the continued growth of vegetables, flowers and fruit trees. At Williams-Sonoma, we offer everything needed for the novice who wants to try dabbling in beekeeping, Our garden beekeeping kits include everything you’ll need to be successful.

Imagine the culinary delights you’ll be able to produce in your kitchen when you have an ongoing supply of pure honey on hand. With plentiful cake pans and pie dishes and tart pans in your kitchen cupboards, the cakes and pies you will make are sure to be a big hit with everyone. Even if you are still learning about what’s involved with beekeeping, you’ll have what you need to care for bees with our custom kits. Stocked with all of the essential tools and equipment, you’ll be ready to manage a hive of busy honeybees. With helmet and gloves, you’ll have the protection you need to avoid painful stings. The veil that fits over the helmet is made out of polyester and nylon so it keeps out the insects.

Harvesting honey promises to be the pinnacle of your beekeeping process. Our kit includes a stainless-steel smoker with a guard and bellows. A long-handled brush is an ideal implement for moving the bees away from the frames gently. After harvesting, you might even use your honey to top ice cream made from our ice cream and dessert sauces kits. It’s hard to imagine a tastier summertime treat. Kicking back with friends on the patio, this makes for an ideal warm-weather dessert.

Feeding the bees will be a breeze thanks to the full instructions included in the kit. You can even use your own Mason jars or other wide-mouth, resealable jars to hold the feeding syrup and water. When you keep your bees happy, you should have an abundance of honey to go along with your croissants and pastries for weekend breakfasts. These breakfast delicacies would be oh-so-tempting when you top them with pure raw honey from your own hives.

Our beehives offer all of the features you could want for housing your bees while also being attractive and made of the highest quality. The wooden frames are coated in beeswax, and the hives are the ideal size for beginning beekeepers. The wood is also hand-stained so it is fully weather-resistant. The entire hive sits on a cedar stand, which keeps it up off the damp ground for beekeeping optimal conditions. You can keep an eye on your bees in their hives easily from your outdoor lounge furniture on your deck or patio.

Adding one of these backyard beehives to your outdoor living space promises to be a delight. The pleasing design of the beehive will fit right in with your other outdoor decor and furnishings. A beehive sitting near raised beds and vertical gardening containers offers you a chance to create the perfect setup, providing busy pollinators to buzz around your fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers.

If you’ve ever thought about the hobby of beekeeping, we have gathered everything you could need in our garden beekeeping kits and hives. If you choose the full kit that includes both hive and equipment, you’ll be ready to just add your bees and get busy. The hives are even light enough to make it easy to relocate them between the winter and summer seasons. Your plants should thrive, thanks to having a bevy of bees on site, ready to pollinate your plants all season long.