Tips & Techniques Christmas Make It Personal

A personal touch makes any gift feel more special. Give your wrapped present extra meaning by embellishing it with an elegant personal stamp, including your name or monogram.

Think outside the box! Holiday candy cones are easy to assemble and personalize. Just wrap a decorative cone in cellophane and fill it with the recipient's favorite candies (homemade or store-bought), then tie the top with a colorful bow.

Fill a festive votive holder or shot glass with an edible gift. Choose clear glass or an assortment of sizes and colors. Tie a decorative ribbon and a small ornament around the bottom, so friends will have something special to hang on their trees.  

Metallic-hued take-out cartons create cheerful gift packaging. Wrap the gift in holiday-themed tissue paper, then use raffia to tie the paper in place and to attach a decorative gift tag. Include the recipient's name or a personal message.