Tips & Techniques Christmas Wrap It Up in Style

The ultimate holiday cookie gift is the one that friends can continue to make on their own. Give them a jar of some of your favorites, and use a colorful ribbon to attach handwritten recipe cards. 

Small charlotte pans make lovely presentations for homemade cookies -- and recipients can reuse them after they've enjoyed the treats. Simply line the pan with tissue paper and clear cellophane, then arrange the cookies inside. 

For an elegant gift, choose rich colors and simple materials. A decorative, open-topped container looks gorgeous when filled with chocolate-dipped cookies and tied with a mahogany ribbon. Try lining the box with cellophane to protect the cookies. 

Glass jars are the perfect vessels for cookies or confections. Cut out rounds of waxed paper and alternate the treats with the paper rounds. Fasten the jar lid on tightly, tie with a decorative bow, and attach a gift tag. 

Doilies and colorful papers add an instant festive touch to any box. Line the inside with the decorative paper and place cookies on top or, for a fancier style, wrap the paper around the outside of the box so bright colors show through.