Tips & Techniques Grilling Grilled Pizza

Your grill is the perfect pizza “oven.” The fire gives the crust a nice crackle and char and the toppings a smoky flavor.

Margherita Pizza

Click here for our classic grilled pizza recipe, and keep reading for tips on how to turn out bubbly, perfectly charred pizzas every time.

Make Your Own Dough

Most folks judge a good pizza by its dough. Making your own is rewarding and fairly simple. If you are rushed for time, frozen dough and dough purchased at a pizzeria are good alternatives.


Choose the Toppings

The recipe here is for classic pizza Margherita, but don’t let that hinder your creativity. Just remember the best pizza joints always use top-quality ingredients, and you should, too.

Wait for the Heat & Dust the Baker’s Peel with Cornmeal

Be patient and let the grill get hot before putting your pizza over the fire. If you're using a pizza peel and putting the pizza directly on the grill grate, be sure you dust the baker’s peel – or the back of a rimless baking sheet – with cornmeal before you slide the dough round onto it for transport to the grill. The grains of cornmeal act like ball bearings, helping to slide the dough easily over the fire. The cornmeal also adds some crunch. Or use a perforated steel grill pizza pan, which makes getting the pizza on and off the grill a snap.