Tips & Techniques Grilling Grilled-Pizza Party
Grilled-Pizza Party
Make-your-own-pizza parties are perfect for summertime entertaining. Guests gather around the grill to assemble and bake their own creations, which inspires conviviality. A pizza party is also easy on the cook. You simply prepare the dough in advance and keep it refrigerated. Then, when friends and family arrive, fire up the grill, set out the toppings and let the fun begin.

Pizzas taste extraordinary when baked in an outdoor grill, which simulates the wood-burning ovens prized by professional chefs. A grill can attain a higher level of heat than a home oven, and pizzas emerge with a wonderfully smoky flavor.

When selecting pizza toppings, you'll find no better source than the farmers' market. In summer, the stalls are overflowing with heirloom tomatoes, colorful bell peppers, aromatic basil, baby arugula and much more. We offer a few recipes to get you started, including a Southwestern-style pizza embellished with sweet corn, chorizo and cilantro. The combinations of toppings are endless—just let the farmers' market and your imagination be your guide.