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Chair Pads

Encourage extended snack and chat sessions around the dining table by increasing everyone’s comfort level. One easy way to do this is by choosing comfortable cushions for your chairs. Match the pads to other design elements in the dining room, like your placemats or napkins, or use the pillows to make a bold statement. Chair pads from us at Williams Sonoma add a touch – or a big boost – of style to your dining room. These pieces come in sets of two or four, so it’s always easy to get just what you need for your dining room.

Decorating with Chair Pads

  • Solid Colors
  • Consider different ways to display your chair pads to create various visual effects in the room. One way is to put all the chair pads with the same pattern facing up. This creates a themed effect. Then, match several design elements in the room to the pads. For example, if you choose to have a blue and gold pattern facing up on your chair pads, add a blue and gold tablecloth. Or leave the table bare so the finish shows, and spread out a set of blue placemats and gold napkins that match the chair pads. Continue the look with gold chargers and napkin rings. Finally, draw in another touch of the same blue shade elsewhere in the room, such as in the drapes or even in a painting on the wall.
  • Mix and Match the Patterns
  • Do you prefer some bolder tones in your decor? Take advantage of reversible chair pads. Place half the pads with one color or pattern facing upward. Then, put the other side facing up on the rest of the cushions. This is an easy way to keep your chair pads all in the same color scheme while adding a dramatic touch of variety in the patterns. This still lets you match the table coverings and wall hangings to the main colors of the pads, but it also adds a fresh look and makes the chairs stand out in the room.

    Maintenance & Care

    Tie straps hold these seat cushions in place on your dining room chairs. Just put the cushions on the seats of the chairs with your desired side facing up. Then, wrap the tie straps around the two upright side posts of each chair’s backrest. Tie the straps to the side posts, making a simple knot and bow. When you want to remove the pads, all you need to do is untie the bows. Then, either flip the pads over to use the other side, or remove them for cleaning.

    Keeping chair pads fresh and in good condition is simple. Every week or two, simply untie the cushions and flip them over. Then, tie them back onto your chairs with the reverse side facing upward. This is to distribute the wear on the fabric covers evenly. It also lets you enjoy a new look in your dining room fairly often. What about when someone spills something? Whenever the cushions need deeper cleaning, simply remove the covers from the inner pads and run the covers through the laundry. Slide the pads back into the clean covers and put them back on the chairs.

    Forget about sitting on hard chairs when you pick a set of chair pads to increase the comfort level in your dining room. These easy-care dining room accessories deliver extra softness to keep your family comfortable around the table. Sit and chat after dinner, help the kids with their homework or break out the board games for family game night – and do it all in style and coziness with beautiful chair cushions.