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Is there anything more versatile, satisfying and inviting as a bowl of pasta? From long and thin to short and squat, pasta takes on many forms and pairs with many flavors. Rich tomato sauce, creamy cheese sauce, meat, vegetables and herbs are all excellent options for pairing with pasta, but before you can start adding to the dish, you need to get your hands on the pasta itself. Williams-Sonoma’s selection of gourmet pasta comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, flavors and colors, letting you choose exactly what you need to create the pasta dish you’ve been dreaming of. With both dried and fresh pasta options, including some ready-made baked pasta meals like macaroni and cheese or stuffed pasta shells, this product category offers plenty of great options for you to choose from.


Whether you like your pasta dressed with a simple drizzle of olive oil or you prefer a chunky, hearty sauce, our high-end pasta options can stand up to whatever you put on top of them. We offer porous shaped pastas that make a perfect accompaniment to sauces, providing multiple little pockets to hold the sauce and give you plenty of flavor in each bite. Options may include seasonally shaped pastas that let you embrace the colors and forms of spring, summer, winter or fall. We also have plenty of long pastas, including pappardelle and fettuccine in unflavored and flavored versions.


Many of our pastas are imported from Italy, where they’re made with locally produced ingredients such as semolina flour from durum wheat, farm-fresh eggs and flavoring agents such as black truffles. You can pair this pasta with your own homemade sauce or with pasta sauces from our collection. Options include classics like sausage ragu, tomato and basil marinara, alfredo and tomato vodka pasta sauces. We also offer some unusual modern twists on pasta sauce, including pumpkin, artichoke and lemon, squash and lemon-caper sauces. Choose your favorite pasta shape and the sauce that appeals to you most, or pick up several different options so you can experiment and find the perfect combination for your unique taste.


We offer some pasta mixes too, including macaroni and cheese mixes that make it simple for you to whip up a batch of decadent macaroni and cheese. If you’d prefer to make your own baked pasta bases, you can pick out a cheese that works well in baked pasta, including Parmigiano-Reggiano or Vermont cheddar. Our delicious selection of cheeses includes some assortments that make it simple to experiment with different baked cheesy pasta recipes, so don’t hesitate to get creative and see how you can break the mac and cheese mold for the better.


No matter what you plan to do with your gourmet pasta from our food product category, ensure that you’re properly equipped to cook it at home. Items like colanders, pasta forks and a deep stock pot can be essential for transforming pasta from its dried state into something that’s tender, succulent and not too watered down, making it soft, dry and ready for dressing with the sauce and cheese topping of your choice.


Our pasta selections make excellent gifts, so don’t hesitate to buy some additional packages for friends and family members in addition to buying enough pasta for your own needs. Pasta is one of the great culinary unifiers; vegetarians and carnivores alike tend to love what they can do with this versatile food item. Whether you’re making pasta as a side dish for a more elaborate main course or the pasta itself is the main event, you’ll have plenty of delicious gourmet pasta options to choose from in this section of our site.


Rice and Grains

Serve up delicious rice and grains with our food selection items and cook tools that are designed to help you get dinner on the table in a hurry or when planning a fancy event. At Williams-Sonoma, we know that life gets busy sometimes, so we’ve done the hard work for you by combining ingredients to make rice and grain dishes a piece of cake. Our rice and grain jars feature delightful ingredients for recipes including risotto and paella with seafood, vegetarian and truffle flavors. Empty the rice and grains into baking dishes and add stock to simmer in the oven or one-pot cooker for a delicious meal.



Making risotto is a breeze with our flavorful kits that you can also cook directly on the stove top in fry pans and skillets. If you have a frying pan with a large surface area, make sure to prepare extra stock as larger pans will increase evaporation. Risotto is a versatile dish that can also be cooked on the stovetop with sauciers as well as in the oven if you need to focus on preparing other dishes for large gatherings. One of the most useful tools when making risotto is a quality ladle. Because you’ll be adding stock constantly as you stir, you’ll want a ladle that features a solid yet comfortable grip. If you have nonstick cookware, opt for silicone or plastic ladles to protect your pans from scratches. Wooden ladles offer excellent grip and doubles as a serving spoon that pairs well with rustic designs once your risotto is ready to serve. Dress things up a bit with a copper ladle that features a glimmering appearance that heats evenly and won’t affect the temperature of even the largest batches of risotto.


Our rice and grains also include delightful paella mixes that you can whip up using paella pans and tagines. Paella pans are designed to create a crisp layer of toasted rice at the bottom, which is the hallmark of a good Spanish paella. Opt for enameled cast iron that cooks paella to perfection on the stovetop or outdoor grill, then stays warm for serving at the table. Copper and stainless-steel paella pans produce an exceptional infusion of flavor with superior heat conductivity for that crispy layer.


Our rice and grain offerings aren’t just for quick meals for busy people. You can use our rice and grains to create your own signature dishes by adding your favorite ingredients whether you’re entertaining friends and family for a special occasion or just making a delightful meal for your family. Our food mills and ricers make it easy for you to add delicious flavors while straining out fibers, seeds and skins. Pair your risotto with lemon zest or add potatoes, mushrooms or fresh green peas for a rich taste the whole family will love.


Take flavor to the next level with our spice and nut tools that add seasoning to our already delicious rice and grains. Opt for an electric spice and nut grinder to quickly grind up everything from anise to nutmeg. You can even give dinner guests the opportunity to customize their risotto and paella dishes with wooden hand grinders that look great on your tabletop next to paella pans. Infuse our rice and grains with extra flavor by adding a mulling spice ball to your vegetable and chicken broth while keeping stems and leaves from entering the broth. Whether you want a premade meal that just needs added water or a basic dish that you can dress up, you’ll find what you need with our rice and grains.

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