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There are times in everyone’s life when cooking a full meal from scratch at home just isn’t in the cards. Even the most experienced and passionate cooks can find themselves under the weather or just plain out of steam, with the prospect of making a dinner entree seeming like a massive undertaking rather than a fun creative challenge. At times like these, Williams-Sonoma is here to help. Our prepared meals & prepared sides ship fresh from some of our favorite delis and restaurants, giving you the chance to eat a delicious, scratch-made meal without having to lift a finger yourself. Whether you want to stash a few meals in your freezer for a rainy day or you plan to provide support for a loved one during a hectic period in their lives, our entrees and sides are the perfect solution.

You can find food for every occasion in this section, making it quick and easy to have high-quality food delivered to your door. From fully-cooked turkeys fit for an impromptu feast to delicious and hearty vegetarian options, our prepared meals & prepared sides section has something for everyone and every situation. These food deliveries aren’t the same as a takeout order; they’ll ship to you direct from the restaurant, deli or bakery where they’re made. Your order will be fresh when it’s packaged according to our exacting standards, ensuring your purchase arrives unspoiled and in one piece.

Because our prepared entrees & prepared sides arrive frozen, you can choose to pop them directly into your freezer for safekeeping. Thaw and bake your dish on a lazy, rainy day or keep it on hand for a period of illness or unexpected visit from family. With both main dishes and sides on offer, you can assemble a collection of prepared meals that works well for your tastes and dietary preferences. From veggie-friendly roasted vegetable and quinoa dishes to buttery mashed potatoes and decadent delights such as lobster mac and cheese, we offer everyday delights and special-occasion indulgences.

For an even easier option, choose some of our delicious soups to keep on hand in your pantry. Because they’re safely sealed in jars, these soups require no freezing or thawing, making them quick to prepare. Just open a jar, heat and serve. Options in this area of our prepared foods section include squash bisques, vegetable chowders, seafood soups and starters for meat stews. If you love a hearty soup or stew on a cold day but don’t always have time to make them from scratch, stock up on some of our high-quality soups.

Using the options available in our prepared entrees & prepared sides section, you can create an entire Thanksgiving feast for you and your loved ones to enjoy with very little effort on your part. This is a great option if you plan to travel for Thanksgiving and don’t know what kind of kitchen equipment your rental cottage will have, for example. It’s also a wonderful way to bring home quality for a food-focused holiday without worrying about menu planning, cooking times and oven sharing adjustments.

From meat options to holiday dinners and everyday vegetarian dinners, our prepared entrees & prepared sides let you fill in the gaps in your own kitchen or reach out to a loved one to help in a time of need. Perhaps your niece just delivered her first baby a week before she was supposed to cook Thanksgiving dinner for the family and you want to help her out by providing a fully cooked feast. Whatever the reason, our delicious, carefully packaged and easy to prepare entrees and sides are the perfect solution to a variety of culinary quandaries.

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