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Snake River Farms

From succulent rib-eye steaks to perfectly marbled beef briskets, Snake River Farms and Williams-Sonoma bring you the highest-quality meats that you cannot find at your local grocer. Kobe beef is world-renowned for its rich marble and incredible tenderness, making it one of the most sought-after styles of beef. However, Kobe, Japan is a long way to travel for a cut of beef unless you’re a professional BBQ pit master. Therefore, we bring the American version of Kobe beef to your front door.

Our selection of Kobe beef includes a set of four supremely moist and tender rib-eye steaks, which many people consider the best grilling steak in the world. If you think of yourself a weekend grilling aficionado, the last thing you want to do is waste time with previously frozen beef. Our rib-eyes are dry-aged for 28 days and cut with precision by a master butcher. These rib-eyes actually baste themselves during grilling as the melting fat from the steak moistens the meat.

Smoking a beef brisket to the point of perfection where you can slice the meat with a butter knife doesn’t require the skills of a professional pit master; it only requires the right cut of beef. Our selection of Kobe beef briskets will leave your family and friends thinking you’re an artist when it comes to the grill. Our briskets incorporate the perfect balance of marbling and fat that you need to smoke your way to a savory, intense flavor. Although a meat thermometer is a handy tool, there is no need to use one when you smoke one of our beef briskets. If you can poke your finger directly into the brisket, then you know it is a cut above.

We also offer a selection of Kobe flat-iron steaks, which is not a well-known cut by most weekend grillers but is quite popular among professional grillers. If you want to try a premium cut of meat, then our selection of flat-iron steaks is a great choice. The wholesome beef flavor and marbling creates a perfect blend of flavor, and you can enhance the essence of the steaks by using a combination of rubs from our extensive collection. Add a set of our hand-trimmed and sliced Kobe filet mignon steaks to your grilling to-do list. Also known as a tenderloin steak, our filet mignons create a buttery sensation with each bite you take due to their perfect portions and mild flavors.