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Season Your Meals to Perfection with Jacobsen Salt

The human relationship with salt is a big one. We use it to flavor almost everything. Years ago, it was how we were able to preserve our food, so we had it when we needed it.

Now, we're fortunate enough to have sauniers or specialty salt makers, harvesting delicious salt from the Pacific Northwest for our culinary adventures.

What Is Jacobsen Salt?

Jacobsen Salt is a boutique salt maker based in the Pacific Northwest. They began in 2011 as a local business, curating salt from the waters of Netarts Bay, and are now coveted nationwide for their delicious flake and kosher salt.

  • Seawater is pumped from the bay, filtered and boiled into brine, which is heated in custom-made pans.
  • Flakes are gently scooped from pans and put onto racks for drying, then hand-graded and sorted.
  • Once sorted, Jacobsen Salt's facility in Portland packs and distributes this superlative salt throughout the country.
  • This careful work is a reflection of the Jacobsen's values. Their mission is to inspire great cooking with the finest elemental cooking ingredients and staples possible.

Salt Just Got A Major Upgrade with Blends and Infusions

While salt is already a staple in every home, Jacobsen Salt's infusions bring new life to the seasoning we can't live without. Let the creativity of founder Ben Jacobsen and his team inspire your next dishes with interesting blends you may have never seen before.

  • Try salt with a bright lemon zest to dress up chicken or green vegetables.
  • A coffee-flavored salt feels sumptuous on desserts or even in warm soups.
  • Fiery ghost chili gets even more bite from hand-harvested salt flakes.
  • An earthy Pinot Noir is bound to excite wine lovers as a unique gift.
  • Sweet Madagascar vanilla brings an indulgent flavor to the table for gourmands.

Take the time to play with these flavors across several meals. They're so unusual that it's possible no two meals will ever taste alike -- unless you want them to!

Indulge in Pantry Size Jars to Make Specialty Salt Your New Staple

You probably already have a big container of salt in your pantry. Now it's time to make Jacobsen a staple, too. With big glass jars available, it's easy to give this delicious salt as a gift or keep it in your kitchen for everyday use.

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