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Choosing Gourmet Fruits & Nuts

Give the gift of fruit & nuts with a gourmet set from Williams Sonoma. The selection contains nut gift baskets and popcorn gifts for everyone on your list. Whether you're shopping for a birthday, holiday or other special occasion, gourmet snacks are always a good choice.

Types of Nut Gift Baskets

There are all kinds of nut gift baskets and crates in the selection at Williams Sonoma. Consider an assortment, such as:

  • Assorted Nut Gift Crate: This crate contains offerings from the family-owned Naked Nut Growers of California company. Inside the reusable wooden crate is four pounds and ten ounces of crunchy treats, including pistachios, almonds, walnuts, pecans and pumpkin seeds.
  • Harvest & Treats Gift Crate: Inside this crate are 11 packages of fruits and nuts. Some of the snacks you'll find include candied walnuts, yogurt pretzels and natural almonds. There also sweet and spicy pecans, dried kiwi slices and sun-dried peaches, along with the company's signature trail mix.
  • Assorted Nut Gift Box: Another gourmet gift to consider is the Assorted Nut gift box, which contains over one pound of various nuts. Just a few of the nuts you'll find in this assortment include roasted salted pistachios, roasted salted cashews, praline pecans and raw Brazil nuts.
  • Dried Fruit and Nuts Tin Set: Enjoy salty and sweet snacks together with this tin set. Choose from fruit and nuts together or opt for just one type of snack. The nut tin contains almonds, pecans, walnuts and pistachios, while the fruit tin has pears, kiwi, figs and various assorted dried fruit halves.

No matter which of the fruit and/or nut gift sets you choose, consider pairing it with a gourmet cheese set. The cheeses and dried meats at Williams Sonoma complement the fruit and nut flavors and make excellent appetizers.

Popcorn Gifts to Consider

Williams Sonoma also has a variety of popcorn gifts from which to choose. Here are just a few ideas you may want to consider:

  • Regalis Truffle Popcorn Set: Give a luxurious gift with this set, which contains four types of heirloom popcorn kernels and white truffle popcorn oil.
  • Amish Popcorn Library: Another gourmet assortment is the Amish popcorn library, which contains 12 bags of different popcorn kernels in a four-ounce size. Just a few varieties in this set include midnight blue, baby white and rainbow.
  • Questlove's Popcorn Seasoning Set: Add flavor to popcorn with this three-piece set, which includes Truffle Parm Rosemary, Lemon Pepper and Saturday Morning Cereal seasonings.

Other Gourmet Gifts

Explore the selection of fruits & nuts at Williams Sonoma to find an array of great gifts for every occasion. There's also a wide selection of other gourmet items from which to choose, including artisan chocolate, baking mixes, specialty marinades and an array of coffee and tea tins.