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Slow Juicers

You know how important it is to eat your fruits and vegetables, but getting enough of them could be a little easier, couldn’t it? Juicing is one way to eat more fruits and vegetables along with the nutrients they contain. Our collection of countertop appliances at Williams Sonoma has a selection of cold press juicers, including masticating juicers and citrus presses that can turn your favorite fruits and vegetables into nutrient-packed drinks.

Masticating Juicers

A masticating juicer has a blade that slowly makes a motion as if it’s chewing fruits and vegetables. To use it, chop up an assortment of produce using one of your ceramic knives. After turning the chopped fruits and vegetables into a mashed substance, the machine then passes it through mesh that separates the pulp from the juice in a process that helps preserve nutrients. Also called cold press juicers, these masticating juicers use less energy than other machines. The slow speed and low heat levels help preserve the nutrients in the juice, making them a popular choice among juicing fans.

Citrus Press Juicers

A citrus press extracts juice from oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruit. These machines are easy to use; you just position the citrus in the machine and press a lever that pushes the juice through the pouring spout. Choose a citrus press with an easy-to-grasp handle that gives you better leverage as you use it. You can also use a citrus press in combination with a juicer if you want to blend citrus with the juices of other fruits and vegetables.

Useful Features

The right juicer is the one that you love to use. Look for a juicer that can process the fruits and vegetables you know you want to consume. Fibrous vegetables, such as beets, along with wheatgrass and herbs, require enough power to cut through their pulpier materials. Choose a juicer that’s easy to clean with parts you can place in the dishwasher. If you prefer an easy-to-use machine, select one with only a single switch to flip. The machine can do the rest of the work! For more control over the juicing process, choose a juicer with multiple modes designed for specific fruits and vegetables. Look for a front-mounted spout if you want to pour the juice directly into your glass.

Many juicers are relatively heavy, so you may want to leave yours on the counter at all times where it’s easily accessible. In that case, select a juicer with a compact design and a finish that fits in with your other appliances on the counter. Stick with traditional stainless-steel. Or, choose a juicer with a bold enamel finish or one with a retro-design. If you plan to store your juicer in a cabinet, note its weight and make sure you can lift it easily.

Juicing Accessories

Most juicers come with all the equipment you need to operate the machine, but there are other accessories that come in handy when you’re juicing. Store leafy greens in an airtight container that keeps things fresh if you don’t want to juice the same day you shop for groceries. Rinse your fruits and vegetables before juicing in a colander that also doubles as a holding container as you add things to the juicer in small batches. If you plan to make large batches of juice, store them in canning jars that conveniently stack in the refrigerator.

Boost your nutrient intake or sneak more fresh produce into your diet by juicing a variety of fruits and vegetables. Find a juicer in our collection that combines form and function into a machine that has all the features you want to make your favorite juice blends and smoothies.

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