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Electric Ice Cream Makers & Accessories

Cool off on hot summer days with frozen desserts made right in your own kitchen. With an electric ice cream maker from us at Williams Sonoma, you have control over what goes in your ice cream. This lets you avoid potential allergens and preservatives that you find in some store-bought brands. Swap the sugar in a traditional recipe for artificial sweetener to make a low-carb treat. Experiment with recipes for vegan ice cream and enjoy a dairy-free alternative. Make your own custom flavors by adding your favorite candy, cookies or fruit.

Electric Ice Cream Maker Models

There are two basic types of electric ice cream makers. One has a bowl that you pop in the freezer a few hours before you make the ice cream. The other has a built-in freezer that produces a frozen dessert in as little as 20 minutes. Make use of attachments that fit on a stand mixer. This is a useful alternative that reduces the number of appliances in your kitchen and gives you another reason to use your stand mixer. You can find all these products and more in our collection of electric ice cream makers.

In addition to ice cream makers, we have a selection of frozen dessert makers that let you expand your dessert options to include other treats like frozen yogurt, gelato, milkshakes and slushies. Prepare frozen cocktails to enjoy at your next summer party or barbecue, or pick up an ice shaver that chips ice into snow cones for the kids. You can make an assortment of homemade syrups to flavor them so you control the amount of sugar they have and limit their intake of preservatives and artificial colors, if you desire. Use the same syrups to flavor homemade ice pops prepared in one of our ice pop molds.

Compression Ice Cream Makers

When a craving strikes and you don’t want to wait hours for a dish of frozen cream and sugar, a compression ice cream maker comes to the rescue. All you have to do is toss in the ingredients and let the machine get to work. Choose a model with an easy-to-read digital display and a transparent lid that lets you watch the ingredients blend and freeze. For even greater variety, look for machines that let you switch between ice cream and frozen dessert mode so you can make gelato, sorbet and frozen yogurt with the push of a button.

Bowl Ice Cream Makers

Although compression ice creams are easy to use, makers with freezer bowls offer more options. Some models give you the ability to choose between the electric function or manually churning the ice cream for greater control over the consistency of the finished product. Consider picking up an extra bowl so you can keep one in the freezer at all times. Then just take it out when you want to make ice cream and put the reserve bowl in to start freezing until next time.

Accessories and Add-ons

A dish of ice cream can satisfy a sweet tooth, but sometimes you want more. A fresh waffle cone complements the sweet flavors in the ice cream and makes a handy container that you can eat when you’ve finished the ice cream to reduce cleanup. Make your own fresh waffle cones, including thin and crispy pizzelles, using a waffle maker. This lets you create perfectly sized cones for every appetite, or make ice cream sandwiches by spreading a layer of ice cream between two flat waffles.

Beat the heat in summer with rich, creamy homemade ice cream packed with the flavors you enjoy. Choose one of our electric ice cream makers to turn your kitchen into an ice cream parlor.

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