Choosing the right type of cutlery for your kitchen is crucial as it defines how you start to prepare meals, slice or trim various foods and how you present your cooked meal. Like any art, the right tool used by the artist can be the determining factor between a masterpiece and an average piece of work. At Williams-Sonoma, we strive to provide you with exceptional cutlery, such as Kyocera knives, that deliver nothing but greatness when it comes to peeling, paring, slicing or chopping various foods. We offer different types of Kyocera Revolution knives that are extremely sharp and do not react with food. The ergonomic and lightweight design reduces fatigue when mincing, while its long blade makes it versatile for larger cutting tasks. It cuts through fresh produce and boneless meats with ease and precision. Serrated Kyocera knives slice through the skin of tomatoes without crushing the interior.

The Kyocera Kyotop knives are no different from the Revolution knives as they also have a resin handle that is contoured, providing a comfortable grip. The blade is forged of a high-tech ceramic made of zirconium oxide for a razor sharp edge. Store your Kyocera knives in one of the various options in our knife storage collection for easy acquisition while preparing meals. Wüsthof knife blocks are crafted of tempered beech wood and hold 12 knives of different sizes. The elegant design of Shun modular knife blocks with black painted accents hold different sets of Kyocera knives with ease. Search for one of your favorite magnetic blade guards to store various types of knives as the high-quality PVC material keeps your knife edges sharp and protects your fingers. We offer a variety of knife rolls to store your Kyocera knives after washing and drying. Crafted of water-resistant nylon canvas, these knife rolls feature D-rings at both ends for carrying purposes. Together with other smaller tools, you can store Kyocera knives in the mesh interior pocket of the knife roll.

Kyocera knives pair well with a variety of fruit and vegetable knives that provide you with multiple choices for slicing vegetables. Browse through our new arrival collection to find the perfect cutlery complements to your set of Kyocera knives that meets the demands of your remarkable cooking style such as cutting blocks, knife sharpeners and blade guards. An assortment of knife sharpeners will remarkably complement your set of cutlery as they maintain the sharpness of the knives. Whether you are looking for electric or manual sharpeners, every single knife will definitely be sharpened with utmost precision. Our electric sharpeners have three slots that maintain Kyocera knives properly. The diamond-coated abrasive disks help sharpen and hone the knives in the first two stages, while the flexible stropping disks ensure that the knives are polished to your required standards in the final stage.

Your set of Kyocera knives will not be complete without a particular type of cutting board for preparing vegetables, fruits and meats. The edge-grain construction of wooden cutting boards holds up to years of chopping and slicing. We also offer cutting boards made from beautiful and durable hardwoods like walnut and cherry. Our monogrammed carving boards have a grooved strainer that lines the perimeter, making them perfect for catching meat and juice drippings to keep your counter clean and dry. Use your Kyocera knives for mincing on our synthetic cutting boards that do not harbor bacteria. The Richlite wood fiber is light, yet long lasting.

Incorporate various gifts with different types of Kyocera knives and present them to your mother, chef or loved ones to show your appreciation for their great cooking. A six-piece mixed steak knife set features different types of handcrafted steak knives with blades forged from ultra-strong Sandvick steel. The decorative chasing feature on the knives makes them an excellent gift choice. As its Kyocera knife counterpart, our steak knife set handle is made of strong walnut, plum, juniper or boxwood material for a comfortable grip.