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Explore historic and contemporary brands that craft knives of exceptional quality, combining centuries-old techniques with dynamic new methods.

Germany - Wüsthof

In 1814 Johann Wüsthof established a shear
factory in the legendary cutlery-crafting
town of Solingen, Germany. Seven
generations and more than 200 years of
experience later, Wüsthof is world-renowned for
its precision-forged stainless-steel blades.
Every Wüsthof knife bears the trademark
"Made in Solingen," a distinction of

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Germany - Zwilling J.A. Henckels

Established in 1731 by Johann Peter
Henckels in Solingen, Germany,
the Zwilling "Twin" logo is one of the world's
oldest trademarks. Zwilling innovations have
revolutionized the craft of knifemaking. The
company pioneered the use of high-carbon
stainless-steel alloy and continues to set
modern standards for quality and

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Germany - Nesmuk

Based in Solingen, Germany, Nesmuk
produces some of the world's most elegant
knives. The company honors the ancient craft
of knifemaking, balancing traditional
craftsmanship with the newest research and
design. Nesmuk handmade knives have won
international design awards and are highly
prized by professional chefs.

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France - Laguiole Jean Dubost

Jean Dubost has been crafting authentic
Laguiole knives since 1920. The workshop
was founded by Pierre Dubost and his wife
Marcelle Colas Pradel near Thiers, a region
with a rich history of knifemaking. Now the
fourth generation of the Dubost family
continues the tradition blended with a
touch of modernity.

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Germany - Messermeister

Bernd Dressler had a passion for cutlery and,
in 1981, partnered with a knifemaking family
in Solingen, Germany, to learn the craft. In
1995 his company expanded into Australia
and then internationally. Today
Messermeister is a woman-owned company
led by the next generation – Debra, Chelcea
and Kirsten Dressler – and dedicated to
producing the finest kitchen knives and
cutlery accessories.

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France - Laguiole en Aubrac

Shepherds' knives were first made in
Laguiole, a mountain village in southwestern
France, in 1829. Laguiole en Aubrac carries
on the legendary tradition. Each knife is
handcrafted by a single craftsman and
features his unique engraving on the spine
along with the decorative bee icon, the
celebrated symbol of Laguiole cutlery

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Portugal - IVO

IVO Cutelarias was founded in 1954 by
Joao Ivo and his wife Maria das Dores, who
traveled to nearby villages on bicycle to
sell their knives. Today the Portuguese
company has a global reach. IVO knives are
prized for their sophisticated,
award-winning designs forged from the
finest German stainless steel.

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