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Cutlery collections from IVO combine 60 years of tradition with sleek, modern knife designs that shine in the kitchen. IVO knives and knife collections have won awards and thrilled chefs, butchers and other cooking professionals around the world. Whether youʼre into copper decor or you simply want a set of quality stainless-steel knives, the collections offered by Williams-Sonoma are ready to get to work and add a bit of glamour to cooking and dining spaces.

The 8” IVO ViRTU chefʼs knife is a versatile, award-winning choice for general purpose food prep. With German carbon-steel construction from end to end this knife is durable and easy to sanitize. The full tang blade is made of one blank of steel and is hot-drop forged to create a knife with excellent sharpness and edge retention. A copper titanium coating adds a beautiful sheen to the copper ViRTU chefʼs knife, and the ergonomically designed, anti-magnetic brushed stainless-steel handle feels comfortable and secure when working at the cutting board.

If youʼre seeking an elegant look for a special event table or wedding carvery you want the IVO ViRTU Carving Knife Set in glamorous gold. This sleek two-piece set includes a 13” carving knife and a 12” carving fork that are made with the same quality features as the chefʼs knife, including end-to-end high-carbon German stainless-steel construction on the knife blade that stays sharp with a well-defined edge. The carving set is made in Portugal and is coated in 24-karat gold to grace your most formal platters and carving boards. The carving set and other gold-plated pieces make wonderful gifts for birthdays, weddings and anniversaries, too.

Let your guests enjoy the heft and cool luxury of a proper knife by setting a cheese assortment out with the IVO ViRTU Cheese Knife Set. Four gleaming cheese blades per set are available in copper-titanium or 24-karat gold plating for events from barbecues to fancy banquets. Having these little workhorses on hand will enhance even the most impromptu snack event. The 7” skewer knife is serrated to glide through hard cheeses easily, and it features a convenient prong end to place the cut slice of cheese on a cracker or plate. The 6 1/2” spatula is wonderful for cheese balls, soft cheeses and dips, while the 6” round knife is ideal for slightly firmer cheeses. The 6” beak knife is designed for soft or hard cheeses and has a pointed end for maneuvering your favorite cheese portions from cheeseboard to plate.

Fans of black kitchen utensils and tools will enjoy IVO ViRTU cutlery finished with a matte black PVD titanium coating. The Santoku knife is favored by many chefs for the easy-grip handle that keeps the knife secure in hand and precise when prepping proteins, produce and garnishes. The full-tang blade has hollow ground blade indentations to glide through fish, lean meats and raw veggies more easily. The matching matte black IVO ViRTU Chefʼs Knife coordinates with stainless-steel and black utensils and makes a great accompaniment to the Santoku knife whether youʼre adding to your own collection or helping a new cook get off to a sharper start with a gift of quality cutlery.

As with all knives you should take care to store your IVO cutlery where the edges will not strike or rub against any hard surfaces or each other. Youʼll also want to cut on surfaces that give a bit, including wooden or silicone cutting boards. Blades will resist corrosion when they are sharpened properly, honed before each use and lubricated before putting knives into storage. Wash and dry the knives thoroughly after cutting citrus or other acid foods, and keep from soaking knives for more than a minute or two. An investment in proper sharpening and honing tools will keep your IVO knives looking good and performing with precision for many years to come.